Horn Pack

Horn-2 Horn-1

Tested in 1.22
10 type horn model with sound

××× don’t reupload this file on other hoster please !!! ×××

Author: Shoofer (E.M Team)


9 thoughts on “Horn Pack

  1. It is for all trucks?

    1. Yes

      1. Przemek82W

        Conflict from addon 50k.

  2. Vabisss11

    Link is not good pls reload !

  3. TrykTurbo

    ^^ Please provide new link, I can not find how to download file from your link provided. Also thank you for all your hard work Shoofer!

  4. TrykTurbo

    Link did work the second time I tried, possibly my spam blocker was causing an error the first time? Either way thank you again Shoofer I will try these horns out later on your 1-series Scania that I love driving!

  5. for trucks scs not valid. No slot for them.

  6. sheppardpat47

    Good mod, but sounds sucks! But horns is good, thanks 🙂

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