House – Near Gdansk – Poland Rebuilding

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This mod added small house near Gdańsk.

This verion require: ProMods and Poland Rebuilding.

info: other versions homes near Gdansk are on my YT channel.



7 thoughts on “House – Near Gdansk – Poland Rebuilding

  1. Thank you for the PM-Version 🙂

  2. man make o house no DLC pls

  3. mercedes_fan_Silesia

    Please make for me house near Katowice or Bielsko Biała for map Promods and Poland Rebulding sorry for my bad english I bin from Poland please answer ?

  4. Wejherowo? Gościcino? 🙂

    1. @Beza72 Chyba to Gościcino ale nazwa mnie przerosła. 😛

      1. Moje strony, pozdrawiam

  5. Mod musi być nad mapami czy pod?

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