How to download a mod?

This instruction will help you to download mods securely.

REMEMBER: do not click any other [DOWNLOAD] buttons in advertises or pop-up windows! Do not install any software and software updates, drivers etc.! Never download any .exe files!


Click green [DOWNLOAD] button and wait few second when will start to download file.


Click green button [Free Download]. If opened pop-up, close it and click once again this button.


Click green button [Download File] If opened pop-up, close it and click once again this button. Your file will start to download.



Click blue button [FREE DOWNLOAD].


Click blue button [DOWNLOAD FILE]. If opened pop-up – close it. Wait few seconds when will start to download.



Click orange button [DOWNLOAD NOW]. If opened pop-up – close it. Wait few seconds when will start to download.



Click blue button [Download]. If opened pop-up – close it and click once again download button.


56 thoughts on “How to download a mod?

  1. muito bom esse mod vei

    1. namlol123

      qua hay nhung ko tai duoc

    2. What ‘s wrong

  2. é para quer Verção em?????????????

  3. AliciaMoreno

    ¿Para utilizar un mod hay que ser propietario de un camión en el juego de ETS2? He conseguido descargar algún mod, sale en su sitio en el perfil del juego, pero luego no se dónde seleccionarlos para conducirlos.

  4. Matthew Avery

    WHAT is the racaptcha

    1. It’s security code. You must rewrite text from image to text field.

      1. on the scania elegance 360 v 2.1, i unzip the .exe and windows autoatically deletes the file what do i do

        1. JeremTheOuf

          Usually mods aren’t in .exe files but in .scs files.

      2. not to understand the image

      3. What’s the code?

  5. thanks

  6. bueno

  7. Guilherme

    nn Tou Conseguindo Baixar

  8. betarizky

    tidak ada

  9. betarizky

    What Was the first book
    published by johannes
    Gutenberg’s printing press

  10. cool

  11. ineed active code for ve1.18.1.3

  12. can you translet in duch

  13. I can’t download files/mods from and What happens is when I click on download the page just freezes and I can’t click anywhere anymore. If I reload it I can click again but as soon as I click ‘download’ the page freezes. Any help?

    PS: A few months ago it still worked, this problem is around 5 months old.

  14. dobre to je

  15. eniz isic

    was soll ich jetzt bitte rein schreiben

  16. jeux

  17. HEY THERE…
    I’ve downloaded the file, and opened “read me”. So, it says “stick it you know where” which is obviously I don’t know. Could you help me out next steps what i should do. Thanks

    1. Just copy the downloaded file over to My Documents>Euro Truck Simulator 2>mods 🙂

  18. ok, how do I get from the mod that I want to one of the websites?

  19. hulkai1223

    I was looking for how to INSTALL a mod…

  20. cull

  21. ok ova igrica je dobra i najbola

  22. dis ist cull

    1. Bagus sekali permainan ini

  23. jolo

  24. i download piye

  25. Qual a senha para extrair ??

  26. I+activate+the+(Trailer)+mod+and+i+can’t+take+it+as+a+job+can+someone+help+me?

  27. i created an account but i dont receive the verification email, what can i do?

  28. Nice MoDs

  29. o0jiouiuiuii

  30. quiero descargar algo

  31. quiero descargar esto para algo

  32. how to install 50 k wheels pack? it’s not an scs file

  33. gaithlartistou


  34. buddh bhushan khavse

    yuor best game

  35. rodrigo santos

    eu queria esse mod esse mod eu ainda não tenho

  36. rodrigo santos


  37. I need air conditioning for version 1.28.x of the ETS2 all trucks.
    I already looked but it only has to version 1.27.x

  38. ilko radoslavovov

    kak moje da istegliq igrata

  39. imi+place

  40. hytrutyi

  41. Whats the zip file password??

  42. muy buena

  43. Syed Sameer Rasool

    It was great mod for ets2

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