Hub reduction Axle Cap by KCl v 2.0

hub-reduction-axle-cap-1 hub-reduction-axle-cap-2 hub-reduction-axle-cap-3

Hub reduction axle cap by KCl V2.0
-DAF (Rear axle only)
-Mercedes Benz
-Meritor (Rear axle only)
-SISU (Rear axle only)

Author: KCl
Credits: 50keda, ohaha, V2obert, Trident R.S., TarsoMagno, Phips_98 and Kristian287


3 thoughts on “Hub reduction Axle Cap by KCl v 2.0

  1. Acetto_59

    Hahahaha thanks gor the heavy duty hubs men

  2. Which folder should be installed

    1. gary199233

      You can just put the zip file into “mod” folder and activate it in the game

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