Hungary Map Addons

Hello, this mod is an overhaul for the Hungary map made by Frank007.
It is the continuation of my old mod ‘Real Hungarian Company’.
This mod try to be close as the reality as possible on every aspect of the game.
You can run the mod on a current load game but it is better to start a new game to enjoy all the modification from the start.

Description :

-Fix a lot of errors log

-Overhaul of Ai traffic
Speed limit adjusted to Hungary
Spawn ratio ajusted every hours
Adjusted speed, colors, frequency of cars, trucks and trailers
Less road event
Damage truck and trailer increase
No more double trailers in Hungary
Realistic spawn for tram and train
And much more

-Overhaul of Economy
Used trucks to buy at trucks dealers
Unlock trailers owned at level 1
Money start around 80000€
Hard economy
Bank loans smaller and unlock at level 1, 3, 5, 7
Skills lowered
Drivers jobs lowered
Police fines realist
Driving time 9h
Sleeping time 10h
Garages prices higher
Ferrys longer travel times and higher prices
Real gas prices
And much more

-Hugarian Company names
Tom Trans Kft
B3 Sped Kft
Farkas-Transz Kft
Horvath Tranport
BC Logistics
Gemini Kft
Agro-Alfa Kft
Busped Kft

-Hugarian Skins and Textures
Logo company
Trucks company
Trailers company
Ownables trailers company
Ai Traffic company
Recruitment agency
And much more

-Others modifications
UI fix
No dead end
Realistic building lights
Hugarian drivers names
New Gps colors
Movers sounds
And much more

Also these mods are included in this mod and I adjusted them for Hungary map :
-Somes textures from Jano_textures_sounds and Hungary_map_new_textures by Jano
-Realistic Building Lights v2.4 by Grimes
-HN Immersive Symbols V2.0 by Habdorn

Credits for mods: Indian56, Jano, Cipinho, Grimes, Hadborn
Credits for skins: Jano, Azannya26

Thanks to Frank007, and to Indian56 for keep this map alive

Credits: Igor Nitch

Load order :

From top to bottom:

1 Hungary_Addons my mod

2 hungary_def_1.35.x fix by Indian56

3 hungary_model_1.35.x fix by Indian56

4 hungary_base_1.35.x fix by Indian56

Igor Nitch


9 Responses to Hungary Map Addons

  1. Kuba says:


  2. zoltan says:


  3. Zoli says:

    Hi Igor Nitch
    Let me have a question pls. I download the latest 1.35 hotfix by Indian and your mod . I put into the game right order and the game started, but after 3 seconds the game crashes. Do you have any idea what caused this?


  4. MoFI says:

    Hello! Sorry, I can’t speak english.
    Szóval, már az 1.34 hez sem sikerült belőnöm ezt a modot, mert nem egyértelmű, hogy milyen kiegészítőket kért. Jó lenne a leírást némileg Magyarul is közzé tenni, vagy videóval, ha már a Hungary maphoz lett készítve. Nem mellesleg, Új profil kezdéskor is szétfagy a játék!
    Játék verzió: 1.35
    Map: Hungary map, 1.35 (mod sorrend jó)

    Ha a mod valóban működik, kérlek írd le, hogy hogyan is használható. Köszönöm!

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