Hungary Map v 0.9.21

Hungary-Map-v-0.9.21-1 Hungary-Map-v-0.9.21-2 Hungary-Map-v-0.9.21-3

New Cities:
– Racalmas
– Dunaujvaros
– Dunafolvar
– Sarbogar
– Sarosd
– Simontornya
– Kaloz
– Deg
– Enying
– Polgardi

Author: Frank007

39 thoughts on “Hungary Map v 0.9.21

  1. nice do you convert old prefab models too

  2. 1.10.1?

    1. remingtonh

      It seems to work fine with 1.10.x

  3. is this map a addon I think all maps should be

    1. Well, no. And they can’t be. They can’t all fit together. Different styles, authors etc.

  4. It is a functional map with TSM Map?

  5. The Trucker

    is it Work with ProMods??

    1. Of course not. People, stop asking same things all over and over again over each map. Maps are standalone.

      1. To elaborate if they creator(s) of the map intended it to work with any other they would have mentioned that somewhere, when this one is actually completed it will be quite massive and jamin it together with another map would be a crazy task, so crazy, that its not even worth it, if you want a huge map right now tsm 5.0 is released 6/26/2014

  6. it dont work with promods

  7. Excellent! Thanks!

  8. is amazing, although models trucks parked to the side of the road map is great! Greetings and Thanks!

  9. well the Romania map is an addon and that’s by different author and that works with tsm and promods so it is down to the map maker to make them work together then we can have one map to cover all areas

    1. remingtonh

      This map has a completely, and far more realistic scale, than the other Maps. You have to choose the Hungary Map Model from the drop down when you create this map. I for one am very happy it doesn’t work and is not done in the same scale as the other maps.

      120KM delivery takes well over an hour to deliver in this map.

    2. That Romanian map is pretty badly done. It doesn’t even have pavements in cities, people are supposed to walk over buildings’ roofs or something. Also it is not some big map project, just adds a few cities. Nothing comparable.

  10. dont work with

  11. ลงไฟร์ magyar ใน mod แล้วทำไมเล่นไม่ได้ครับ

  12. Hey Frank007,

    I love your map, and I love Hungary
    I have a request, Can you pleeeeeeeeeeease add “Rede” (Just south of Kisber) to the map with a small garage, my parents live there, and I can send you a google maps link if you want a location 😛

    Thanks, Robert.

  13. Nice map, a lot more detail than other maps, well done, keep up the good work.

  14. This is definitely the best map out there. This is how vanilla game was supposed to look like. Realistic roads, not copy-paste design or all roads and highways. It has completely same feeling, no matter if you drive through Hungary or Belgium. This map has realistic curves of the roads, realistic scenery, and also realistic “Hungarian” feeling. I’m from Serbia, and I know Hungary well. Feels so close to actual driving through there.

  15. GvidizLTU

    someone please tell me how to completely install map :S

  16. Will this map work on ?

  17. Nem működik a letöltő link :///

  18. Working great on 1.10.1 as well.

    Video here:

  19. This map how so much detail I wonder how many more cities are currently done, also will there be an another release before the updates make it obsolete, that would #### …. cant stop playing this map

  20. LINK IS DOWN .. Someone could please RE-UPLOAD it ?
    Thanks !

  21. here is a new link, and the original link. not that other ####!

    1. Faelandaea

      THANK you, scania. I love Mediafire. Not sure why people use that other #### other than to purposefully spam/troll us with 20,000 pop-ups to give themselves . . . what . . . 50 cents in their PayPal from their affiliates?

      1. Exactly !

  22. sziasztok valaki megmondaná hogy gold editions-ban müködik map?maert engem mikor betölt akkor mindig kifagy.

  23. Thanks Frank007, great map. One of the best map mod…

  24. does it work on 1.11.x

  25. Sziasztok. Nekem betöltés után bezárja a játékot..

  26. zsleo2002

    Ez a mod jó 1.16.2-höz?

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