Hungary Map v 0.9.22

Hungary-Map-v-0.9.22-1 Hungary-Map-v-0.9.22-2

Compatible with 1.11.1 version
Must work on 1.12 version too

New Cities: Rackeve, Kiskunlachaza, Dunaharaszti and other

Author: Frank007


73 thoughts on “Hungary Map v 0.9.22

    1. does it works with any other maps?

      1. No,it’s a standalone map!

  1. tamas01133

    kompatibilis a truck sim mappal?

    1. nem itt csak Magyarorszagon belul lehet fuvarozni uj profilt kel csinalni.

      1. CsoroMumus

        Ha újat akarok csinálni és kiválasztotam a modokat akkor belem töltettni egy mentett játékmódot.

    2. No. It is standalone map.

  2. Does NOT work with ets 1.12.x

    1. It works very good with ets2 V.1.12.
      Don’t tell here nonsense!

      1. i agree this map work on 1.12^^

  3. ist die komplatible mit der promod map???

    1. Sven, langsam fängst du an zu nerven!
      Wie wäre mit download und selber probieren anstatt andauernd die gleiche Frage zu stellen, nicht nur hier sonder überall wo ich dich treffe fragst du immer das gleiche

  4. joe_alker

    It is not compatible with any map. It is a standalone map.

  5. The best map for ETS, I can only imagine how it will look some day with more cities and other content. It only lacks some steep hill roads, but I know that Hungary is a plain country so what can be done… I wish other maps, like TSM, Promods or even Vanilla one were this realistic, not looking so copy-paste (though I like them in their own way). Keep up the good work neighbor, greetings from Serbia.

    1. Dee Michael

      I agree ! The best card in any category!

  6. ETS 2 v 1.12.1

    Model in old format detected ‘/model/ujsagos/ujsagos.pmg’, please upgrade format to improve load performance!

    Route cannot be found between [-4263.96094;9.00391;-7610.52734] and [-3381.86719;11.00000;-7754.90234]! Map is discontinuous?

    select_item: invalid index
    00:08:42.294 : [prefab desc] Converting prefab descriptor ‘/prefab/level_crossing/level_cross_hu.ppd’ version 19 to current version (21)
    00:08:42.953 : [prefab desc] Converting prefab descriptor ‘/prefab/parking/parking_10x5_ui_20x10.ppd’ version 20 to current version (21)
    00:08:43.000 : [prefab desc] Converting prefab descriptor ‘/prefab/sellplan/sellplan.ppd’ version 20 to current version (21)
    00:08:43.050 : [prefab desc] Converting prefab descriptor ‘/prefab/bus_station/base_01/bus_station_01c.ppd’ version 20 to current version (21)
    00:08:43.058 : [prefab desc] Converting prefab descriptor ‘/prefab/bus_station/base_01/bus_station_01b.ppd’ version 20 to current version (21)
    00:08:43.092 : [prefab desc] Converting prefab descriptor ‘/prefab/bus_station/base_01/bus_station_01.ppd’ version 20 to current version (21)

    And more… Test it wiht the console please.

    1. its works…

    2. joe_alker

      The Prefab desc errors are minor.

      Route cannot be found between [-4263.96094;9.00391;-7610.52734] and [-3381.86719;11.00000;-7754.90234]! Map is discontinuous?

      You are likely trying to enter an unfinished part of the map.

      Model in old format detected ‘/model/ujsagos/ujsagos.pmg’, please upgrade format to improve load performance!

      Again, not of immediate importance.

      If you have any questions, please direct them to:

  7. this map is the besT! bat is smals..more city from hungary i like to see in this map!

  8. yes, i think this Map is one of the best Maps I has ever played. Unfortunately, , is here very moore to do, in my eyes still a lot to the Map golden shines.

    Frank007, you must work better for this Map. Your idea is fantastic but you must work a little bit cleany.

    1. 1337_Trucker

      In English:

      Yes, I think this Map is one of the best maps I have ever played. Unfortunately, not very much to do. In my eyes there is still a lot to the Map (golden shines).

      Frank007, You must work harder on this map. Your idea is fantastic but you must work a little bit more cleanly.

      1. @1337_Trucker

        Thanks budy, 🙂

      2. iubucuiubuca

        why did you that 1337_trucker?

  9. did you fixed the invisible wall?

  10. Best map ever.

  11. xX_BLACK0FACE_Xx

    This map is the best map i ever seen. Has no motorways which is great (at least not until now because I still have not explored the whole map), do not have bugs, this map is the best map I’ve ever seen man.
    Thanks! 🙂

    1. Well it does have a highway, on the western side if I remember. It is pretty long, but mostly you’ll drive on regional roads. I agree, they are so much more fun (highway is very boring in real life, same in this game, just driving straight forward forever).

  12. cb 86-Miki

    Ez a térkép nagyon jó lett. Igazán részletes, de Frank007 mint ha legalább 10 éve járt volna Pesten, gondolva itt a Könyves Kálmán Krt felújításra 😀 persze természetesen csak viccelek, tudom hogy nagyon sok munka van ebben a térképben. Maximális tisztelet!

  13. how to install this mod ? its not SCS file how to convert this to SCS file?

  14. Hello jumbo15. Just put the zip file in mod folder and activate in game (modul)!!

    1. thank u so much MATO

  15. sorry i go to speak in french…
    Tout simplement géniale. Pour moi c’est la carte la plus réaliste que je connaisse. La dispersion géographique des entreprises sur la map est une excellente idée en matière de réalisme. les routes et les environnements sont extrêmement bien travaillé (intersection, courbe, chgt de voie, zone de déchargement alambiquée comme il faut et bien d’autre!) Les distances semblent à l’échelle réelle (doute possible…)et je n’ai pas fait gaffe au timming du temps…
    Cette carte peut paraître petite aux yeux de certains mais vu la richesse du contenu vous pouvez un peu délaisser la TSM map^^ qui est certes une carte excellente mais un peu répétitive c’est un autre registre… avec hungary map on se rapproche de la définition du réalisme dans une simulation de truck.
    BRAVO FRANCK007!!!!!
    awesome job man.


      Moi aussi Je trouve cette map incroyable, download des jazzycat traffic pack et trailer pack pour avoir plus de vehicule sur les routes, a moins que tu la déjà fais.

  16. j’oubliais une remarque. Après plusieurs test (avec et sans mod) je trouve que ça manque parfois de circulation. Je roule les 2/3 du temps sans croiser une voiture ou camion et j’ai remarqué que les camions étaient plus rare que les voitures… déjà que j’en avais pas beaucoup… XD
    Sinon “i’m very happy”


      Thank you Frank007 for making the BEST MAP out there. This map gives the game a hole new feel to it, it’s like having a new game. Don’t get me wrong I love Rus map, TSM maps and so on, but this one is special. THANKS AGAIN Frank007!

  17. It does run on 1.12.1s for me but there’s no jobs showing up. Quick jobs don’t show up either and I tried sleeping and stuff.

    1. Nvm, fixed it. Awesome map. First time I actually like a trip to take forever.

  18. #1Rednecktrucker

    I’m amazed to the attention to detail on this map and how it seems to scale with the distance. Hell it took me quite a while just going 14 miles. We all know #### well the default is boring as hell but in comparison this one didn’t bore me at all. The journey was much more fun looking around without speeding. Some parts of the map reminded me of Kentucky. One thing would be nice if the map expanded even more into other EU countries. Excellent job!

  19. hi all
    I did copy a zip to the mod folder. Make a new profile and activated that zip file. know I have a Hungary loading window. when I switch my map on there is a Hungarien map under but it looks like there is still old road on. Like Wienna it still there.Can u please help me to fix ti. thx

  20. angelkiss

    There is trees on middle of the road.its bug?

    1. I had that once – It was one of my MOD’s and not the Map.

  21. angelkiss

    Ok I solved this no problem anymore.

  22. can anywone help me how im gonna set that module Pleas

    1. Extract.

      Place in MODS folder.

      Run ETS2.

      Tick Map Mod.

      Start new profile and enable Module.

      Do not enable any other Map Mods.


      To save re-doing your controls and settings for a new Profile…

      Skip the setup wizard.

      Make a note of the new folder for the new profile.

      Copy and paste CONFIG.CFG and CONTROLS.SII files from an existing profile.

      Hope this helps.


  23. hi to everyone… i have 1.12.1s version of the game installed and i’ve downloaded this hungarian map… the file is a 7z one, not a zip or a scs one. i do not know how to enable it… i’ve put this file in mods folder, i’ve created a new profil but when i choose edit, the file doesn’t appear… could anyone please help me? thanks in advance.

    1. iubucuiubuca

      google can you help!

      1. found the way thank you man… all i had was firstly extracting the file…

  24. A te pályád az egyetlen dolog, ami miatt máig előveszem az ETS2-t. Csak így tovább!

    1. Király pálya,nekem csak egy bajom van vele.A magyar utak nem ilyen jók.Gratulálok és további jó munkát!

  25. André Santos

    Thank you so much, best map for ETS2!!!!

  26. Hi.

    This looks to be a very good pack, but, I have come across a problem. After doing the short deliveries for a while, I get to the point where I can purchase a new Truck, or my first Truck. As soon as I either click, purchase or go to Truck shop. It crashes the game. I have removed all other mods, reinstalled ETS2 with just this Pack. It’s still crashing. Any help please. Am running the latest version of ET2.

  27. Hi.

    ( Not sure why my post has been removed!. So I’ll post again.)

    I really like this Map Pack. But I’ve encountered a problem. When I get to the point where I can purchase my first truck. I click on Purchase or Truck shop options, the game crashes.

    I have tried the mod with other mods and without. I have reinstalled the game, and used only this mod, still it crashes. Any help please. I really would like to use this Mod!.

  28. szep a mapa de szakadozik

  29. release new vesion in september or next month and please convert some of old prefab files or road what is old format to improve game loading please and i agree that use console to see if map has error loading when driving around map

  30. Steve_the_trucker

    Dude, you have far too many speed cameras on this map, and why do you also have road works in EVERY village and suburb of Budapest, I don’t think so. There are lots of flashing ground textures all over the route which are very noticeable at night, and why does it get dark at 9pm, it doesn’t on SCS version, some more work needs to be done on this layout before it’s perfect.

  31. it crash when I want to go quick job after first trip…

  32. Is it possible to turn down the amount of AI? Seems like they spawn in like crazy whenever I take a new job and is about to pull out of a terminal.

  33. Baranya county involved?

  34. hi friends plz help me every time i am install the modes but game was not run any solution plz help me

  35. Very good, but sometimes bridge are too little with big traillers pack traillers don’t pass… continue, continue, more !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thank’s

    1. tankionline


  36. tankionline

    NEM ROSZ ::!!! xdd lol ////+” 🙂

  37. Csak Zolika

    Sziasztok SZeretnek kertni egy kis segitseget. en letoltottem ezt a Hungary mapp-ot es beraktam a ets2 mod mappaba elinditottam a jatekot uj jatekos keszitettem ki pipaltam a modot amit bele tettem de mikor elinditom a jatekot akkor ki lep es azt irja hogy a ets 2 helyes mukodese leallt valami steam miatt 🙁 ha tudja valaki mi a baja akkor Irja mar meg Koszonom eloreis Sziasztok

  38. Kvalatadd

    The best map.

  39. Kvalatadd

    Please friends, Hungary map for 1.14.

  40. Lécci frissitsd Frank 007 1.14-re meg valahogy ha tudod old meg hogy ne keljen új profilt csinálni valami map addon kéne amúgy szuper a map!

  41. Speedbird

    PLEASE UPDATE FOR 1.14!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. Update for 1.14……………………… thank’s

  43. hello, I’m from Indonesia. does this map work in version 1.13.3 ?
    thanks before.

  44. hello Frank007, frissiteni kene a map-ot 1.15.###-re .vagyunk am egy paran akik imadjak a munkadat a mappon.tudjuk hogy nem konnyu mindig frissiteni uj verziora.Info mikor lenne meg kb? ha folytatod persze ;)elore is koszi.

  45. Dee Michael

    @Frank007: I discovered your card today in November 2019 after a demotion to version 1.12.1 and I’m really impressed! It’s the best map ever since I played ETS2. The amount of detail, the windows of the buildings that have reflections, the scenery in the cities everywhere perfect! I do not know if there are updates for the official later patches but if it is necessary, I will stay in 1.12.1 to ride in Hungary! Thank you !!

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