Hungary map v0.9 (fixed)


Hungary map v0.9 is released! It’s compatible with the patch!
The map contains only 35 cities so far, but I plan to add over 300
READ THE DESCRIPTION before starting the game! Very important!!!

The map contains the following cities so far:

1. Delete the previous version from your mod folder! (both
2. Copy to the mod folder!
3. When creating your profile activate and select
hungary.mbd as module!
INDIAN56 for his beautiful and useful models
FLD for his great prefabs!



76 thoughts on “Hungary map v0.9 (fixed)

  1. Nálam appcrash van Pedig nagyon jó modnak tűnik 🙂

    1. Nálam megy azön is. Csak pl. Bodajkon nem lehet a fuvart letenni. Az udvaron elakad. Kicsit bosszantó csak!
      Hasonló dolgok voltak az előtte lévő mod-ba is.
      Feleslegesen furikázol néha. Amúgy tök jó lenne.

  2. Lehet hogy ez a baj:
    Ezt a hungary.mdb-t hol tudom aktiválni?

  3. paul hodgson

    why carnt it be addon and work with main map in the game

  4. I tested this night map is very unfortunate that it is very difficult to find a dealer and no jobs pole

  5. right – no truck dealer for own truck
    after 3rd job

    I find Scania dealer in budapest

    very nice detailed map and a lot of fun

    TYVMuch Frank007, very good job

  6. Simply WOW!
    This is one great map!

    Drove around for a bit with nearly all my mods activated, no probs whatsoever

    Great job on the map Frank007!

    1. true! best map ever!

  7. How do you select select
    hungary.mbd as module?

    1. when y create y profile –
      under playing module -> select hungary.mbd

      1. where can I find playing module?

  8. Yeah, I found it. But why isn’t there a truck dealer. I want to drive my own truck because i don’t like to do quick jobs. can you please fix that?

    1. frank means ######## map and find y dealers

  9. nfproprodriver

    Is this mod compatible with the TSM?

  10. ich finde es nicht gut das man dauernd mit einer langsamen geschwindikeit donload kann sondern sich immer regestriehren muss das ist lächerlich

  11. I want to say
    this map can beat TSM and official MAP!!!

    Hungary map :8.5/10
    official :7/10

    but I hope he can translate all cities name to English

    1. a lot of maps can beat the copy and paste TSM map !
      and I don´t understand the TSM copy & paste Hype

  12. @Frank00,

    Could you tell me what modifications you made trafficwise?

    For instance, i see alot of traffic so i guess there is no need to have a ‘more traffic mod’ etc enabled.


    1. I don’t use any traffic mod! 🙂

  13. wheres the scs file in the compressed folder then?

    1. you select the zip folder in the mod window, it works the same as an .scs

  14. LOL, i nearly ran over a effing rabbit!


  15. I found a bug, that on random places on the highway, it is like ramming into barriers but there are none?

    1. yes….me, too. I will post pictures where faulty, thanks for map, it was great !!! 😉

  16. and me just pick a trailer cant get out of yard invisible wall if he fixes that it be a great map

  17. Hello my friends all, please help, why at the time of going to places and slow unloading trailers, game die and exit. Please enlightenment. Thanks to all.

  18. Kiraly lenne a mod (it would be a great mod), de Szekesfehervarnal az m7-esen nyugati iranyba lathatatlan fal (but to west on m7 at Szekesfehervar there is a invisible wall. Nem lehet tovabb menni (can not go further)

  19. Hello all: I have been driving this map for 2 days now and I have a method of getting this map off the ground and plenty of deliveries and you can drive your own truck when you get sufficient money to do so.Here is the method::::
    1. This map has only 7 dealers for the entire mod so far. You have to start a location on the map of the dealer of the truck you want to drive after using the stock trucks to earn you bank privelages. Run the deliveries till you obtain a loan then go to dealer and buy your truck !.If you are not starting a new profile then you MUST activate the DEALER of the truck you want to drive after buying it by visiting 1 of the 7 dealer towns in the game.
    2. The dealers and locations are as follows:
    A.scania BEDA_ESZAK
    B.Volvo PEST_ESZAK
    C.Iveco PEST_KOSEP
    E.Renault CSEPEL
    F.daf buda?rs tatabanya
    As far as the deliveries go- these locations are activated when you enter the towns and get recognised. Some of the towns do not have loading sites yet and most of them only have** one ** loading site.
    Note worthy comment: The average driving speed due to road design and townsite makup is between 20-60 KM, due to tight turns and A LOT OF TRAFFIC. YOU will NOT NEED addition AI traffic for this map !!!
    At the present time I am driving the VOLVO VNL780 truck by AU44 and using Kriechbaums Sound mod for this truck. I did this to test the road conditions due to curves on this map.
    This method is really a challenge for the road design but have had no problems so far. I am also using TRAILERS AND CARGO BY JAZZYCAT 2.01 and IMPROVED WEATHER 08. If you have a slow computer this may may be too much to use these mods.
    This map is so challenging that i recommend only those truckers who DO NOT want to drive fast, have short and direct drive routes, and who do not want more that ONE cargo choice to deliver.
    This map is an extreme route design not seen in any map for this game so far. It is similar to country driving, not like big city environments all the rest of the maps i’ve drivin so far.
    I give this map(due to extensive individual city makeup, adaptive road design, and attention to detail) a review of 8 out of 10 stars ********.
    Last comment: For those drivers whos only way of map mods is to have TSM, Promods map, or Romanian map, as the BASE then this is not a map for you. This map uses the base map with DLC ONLY and will not combine with any other map !!!!!. This map is involved as these maps in a whole different direction and I am waiting for the next improvements upcoming. If anyone knows the author give them a JOB VERY WELL DONE. Thanks for your time and enjoy the map !!! I will be checking back daily to review comments to see if I can help. BYE

    1. One final comment I forgot I am using version AND WILL BE UPDATING TO shortly.

    2. Hello James ,
      very thanks for your comment , i play with 1,7,1 so far and all goes well , my mods inside are also jazzycat trailers +military +painted trucks +truck traffic +russian traffic +peterbilt 379cat+volvo vnl780 . after 3 tours i can say , very good map play for itself , in parts i think difficult . great ideas , thanks a lot for frank007 , hope he will do more cities by the time . drive slow is funny on this map , there is much to see around .
      greetings out of berlin , thomas

  20. Perhaps a normal download link. Beside that looks interesting. But downloading it for almost for hours? Can’t do, sir.

  21. thank you very much James

  22. Hy Frank007, when you plan relase next version of map?

    1. Today I’ll release an update fixing the bugs users found, and the next version is coming in february, I hope! 🙂

      1. I hope too, Frank
        fantastic map

      2. question: can you list the changes made on the bugs found?
        I’ve found a problem or two so where do we go to list them. Also I seem to be very short on delivery times and am always late if i sleep for sunrise,don’t deliver in night-not enough light in yards to see with. Very interesting layout to drive on. I ran into a couple of walls so far but still managed a drive around on the most part. Thanks

        1. One other item- The timing sequence for you map is totally longer than the main map and the time in relation to the distance to pick up is not long enough to pick up the load before it disappears unless you drive to the yard first. need to change this

          1. Hi! The fixed version is already released! 🙂 I’m afraid the download link here is not updates yet! I fixed only the invisible walls, the city names are already correct (without “?”s) and I added traffipax! I know that the economy system doesn’t work properly because of the scale but I’m working on this! when it’s done I upload another update!

      3. Jonathan Ramos

        Hi Frank007 i found an interesting bug i was wondering where i can contact you or post the video to see if it has been brought up.

        Amazing map Cant wait for all the cities.

  23. Thankyou for the info will be waiting !

  24. Making another temporary comment. The map is so short on time to pickup and deliver that the only way i’ve found so far is before you pick a load sleep for the 3 max cycles, which makes for more pickup times and drive to the yard of your choice then select the load to get. Usually works well and maybe frank will get the timing situation worked out in the mean time. I am waiting to see the update before I list the problems I found.

  25. james can you send me email list of problem what you found in game in txt file example, I found same some of bug and don’t know how much is roblem in this map. My email is [email protected]

  26. SilverPhonix

    So beautiful and detail map, thanks Frank007

  27. SilverPhonix

    I cant start game at Budaors!

  28. Download link is dead. Can you reupload? I’d really like to try this mod.

  29. WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?!!! The update has been out for 4 days and I’ll release another one today! It’s not my fault that the admins here haven’t updated the link! The NORMAL PEOPLE know google to find some info before using the keyboard needlessly!!!

  30. MrEtsTrucker

    U can find download link in the video description for fixed version of the map!

    Very nice map btw, this level of details is what is also needed in for this game!

    Great job man.

  31. MrEtsTrucker

    The link is in the Authors video description… just play the video that author has posted on youtube ( there is a little “youtube” icon in the bottom right corner of the video … ) then find the link in the description of his video!~

    Good luck!

  32. MrEtsTrucker

    Ok. Just tested the fixed version and still find invisible walls… I can’t dive, please fix it again!

    Very nice map and I want to do a full reviews of it…

  33. This is a very nice work 🙂 (gratula csak igy tovább )

  34. As I see the download link is not updated yet, so you can download the latest version without invisible walls and working economy from here:

  35. MrEtsTrucker

    This is now really what I hoped for… Great job man!

    you still have some invisible walls on some crossings near the loading points, but it can wait for update, you can pass it from the other side…

    It will be in my next video~

  36. Hi Frank you realy fixt this one,now my drivers making between 24000 and 31000 negative each trip.Income normaly is about2 to 5000 you really fixt it Thanks but no Thanks.
    Maybe next time see you HJV

  37. nem lehet letölteni a mapot

  38. ja már látom a mediafire-es linket

  39. No work! I press “Orders of agencies” and takes off. Give preservation at least

  40. Help please

  41. to frank007
    great map man i like this map and the details of the road it’s almost the same road in my country will u make it bigger map like other map and keep the small road and details of the road

  42. Владислав

    ссылка не работает !! перезалейте заново на яндексдиск

  43. Did they fix the invisible Barriers in places?

  44. Kevin Graham

    Frank, great map but i am coming across invisible walls, found 3 up to now, 2 on highways, one i remember beteen Velena and Szekesfeherrar, think that’s how it’s spelt. Anyway of getting this fixed as you have to give up on the delivery and pay a fine.

  45. ok, just found myself with 7 towns discovered and despite that, no jobs. for some reason it isn’t loading new jobs, and I haven’t installed any trailer mods yet so why is this happening?

    1. Have you downloaded the latest version? (0.9.1 and 0.9.1H) I’ve fixed it!

  46. Tudnátok segíteni abban,hogy profil választás után betöltéskor eljut a csík az 1/4-ig és aztán kilép.Mi lehet a gond?

  47. Ezra Daniel Alexander

    Superb map, love it, you get the feel of driving in rural areas, its superb, looking forward to the 300 city map as well, great work, appreciate it.

  48. Valaminek láthatatlan ratyinak nekimegyek és nem tom el vinni a fuvart..Mitől van ez???

  49. pls Reupload, cant Download 🙁

  50. does not work with 1.9.2 🙁

  51. Rodgeydodge

    wish I didn’t update now cant use this map waiting patiently for the new 300 city 1.9.2 version anyone know when it will be released driving around promods here which is the next best thing

  52. I stopped playing the game because this map is not working. The default ETS maps seem to lack character after playing this map. Waiting for updated version.

  53. Played the unfinished 1.9.22 version the models and grass detail were great and enjoyed cruising down the the country and urban roads. but after exploring quit a bit of the map and getting stuck on those invisible walls I decided to go back to the regular map, but I miss the fun of driving on that map, another thing the speed limits 90per of the time were comfortable to drive on most of the roads before any tight corner I usually noticed the sign indicating that which is a nice detail, also in the unfinished version there are the cars parked in the road, but fortunately on could pass through them without trouble but I am sure that will be taken care off. …

  54. Nekem eleg sok furcsasag volt ezzel a terkeppel, pl: nem fogyott az uzemagyag, a melosaim nem meloztak, a felvett kolcsonert annyi volt a napi visszafizetes hogy lehetetlen volt kitermelni (ez pl. eleg valosag szeru),egy helyen sajnos nem emlekszem hol, el kellett toljak egy potkocsit, mert ott allt ahova le kellett volna pakoljam az enyemet (sikerult). Oszt ennel a pontnal le is toroltem a mod-ot, pedig tetszett.

  55. for me a lot a strange tings with this map, like never run out of fuel, workers don’t work, it’s impossible to pay the loan because can’t make that much 9it’s the closest to real life),and somewhere i can’t remember where had to push a trailer out of the way, it was parked at the spot i had to unload (succeeded). at this point deleted the map but i liked it a lot, i’ll try it next time.

  56. Gazdag Dominik

    Honnan kell letölteni innen nem lehet mert eze egy hülyeság!!!!!!!!!!!??????????? 😀

  57. Outstanding map , suits my style . I never use anything over 500 hp and even here that can be too much. Love the detail and challenge to just enter and exit sites , For one who has all paid DLC , this map is hard notto go back to the std DLC . very enjoyable thankyou

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