Huttner Timber Trailer


Empty Huttner Timber Trailer

Author: Micha-BF3


10 thoughts on “Huttner Timber Trailer

  1. is this a standalone trailer?????

    1. joe_alker


  2. Tribaltech

    Micha-BF3 is a guarantee, 100% standalone, i’ve been tryed

    1. thx bro

  3. Eyes Cubeh

    I love every single work you do with the trailers. Keep up the good work. 🙂

    1. the link is private i copy it on google image sorry

  4. Micha-BF3 is a guarantee, 100% standalone,

    but old format

  5. the trailer was a 20ft container trailer with double wheels and 2 axle could u make one like this

  6. superbe mods ;;; mais depuis que j’ai la version 1.12.1 impossible de retrouver les remorques dans les missions ,,, quelqu’un aurait-il une info ,,,,,

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