HXM Map v 1.0

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Standalone Map
Tested 1.16.2 version

Author: Mudai Hasbi



5 thoughts on “HXM Map v 1.0

  1. por favor deixe esse mapa compativel com outros (complemento) obrigado

  2. por favor , deixar esse mapa sem remontar em cima do mapa da europa, em um mapa aparte ,ficaria melhor , compativel e complemento para outros mapas (TSM,PROMODS, MARIO MAP) obrigado

  3. crash

    Map ‘/map/HXM.mbd’ loading started ….
    Map successfully loaded.
    Map load time: 5ms (0 MB)
    Loading save ‘/home/profiles/48584D/save/autosave/game.sii’
    Road network navigation caching started.
    Road network navigation caching finished.
    Garage update started.
    Garage update finished.
    Economy load time: 1207ms (0 MB)
    Game init finished. (10 MB)
    No valid offers found for player’s HQ city ‘gudang’

  4. another crash (again, in first trip)

    Game state load failed. Game state will be restored from the initial save.
    Economy reset – company mismatch

    Economy load time: 1174ms (0 MB)
    [di8] Input buffer overflow for device ‘{FC409440-3BA9-11E4-8001-444553540000}|{C29B046D-0000-0000-0000-504944564944}’ (error code: 0x1).

    Nothing to activate

    ui t console:system_02
    goto panta

    please, create post in SCS forum. Facebook is not a good place to report errors

  5. video?

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