Hybrid DAF XF 105 and Scania V8 MP

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Hybrid truck DAF XF 105 from Scania Streamline V8

This mod works in multiplayer.
Required: DLC Mighty Griffin Tuning, and preferably DLC DAF Tuning Pack

In the mod added:
– The wheel.
– Sounds.
– Engine 730 V8
– Bumper, front / rear.
– Pipes behind the cab.
– And fine tuning from Scania Streamline

The video will be more clear that changed.
Did for myself, for multiplayer.
Author’s link
Test: 1.28
Sorry for my English. Have a good game ?

SCS and ♕-SlawkA-♕


3 thoughts on “Hybrid DAF XF 105 and Scania V8 MP

  1. Looks cool, but from where did you get that sun visor?? I don’t see him in my inventory

    1. preferably DLC DAF Tuning Pack

      1. Thx, I got the DLC Daf Tuning Pack, now everything ok, I have also thar sun visor, just it work only in single player, in multiplayer not.

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