Hybrid Mod v 1.2

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Hi everyone,

The “Hybrid mod” add some modified trucks in Volvo, Iveco, Daf, Man and Mercedes truck dealers, with mixed chassis, mixed engines, mixed sounds and interiors.

If you find any bug please report it to me.

Known issues:
*Some 3D models doesn’t fit well the cabin/chassis, for exemple on the Daf with the actros MP4 chassis and on the Volvo with an other MP4 chassis.
*Trucks won’t appear in dealers if a Scout mod or based car mod is activated

Tested on game version 1.31 and might not work on previous versions. Not tested on 1.32.

Thanks for testing and have fun!

Version: 1.2

-Changes on version 1.1:
*Added to each modified truck the steering wheel corresponding to the engine used.
*Fixed bug with Volvo and Daf with MP4 8×4 chassis when you customize these trucks the interior automatically change

-Changes on version 1.2:
*Fixed bug where the steering wheel wasn’t there on the Daf XF
*Fixed doorsteps that doesn’t fit the chassis

Credits : SCS, Hyzonn (Jayson)

Jayson (Hyzonn), SCS



7 thoughts on “Hybrid Mod v 1.2

  1. Klei_Mouka

    This looks interesting but only 68KB? i mean is it only a .txt that you are changing? or is this just a part of the entire mod?

    1. Well actually the mod was very simple to made because I just changed some .sii files with Notepad to make trucks with mixed parts. That’s simple but the game won’t allow you to do it without modifications 😉

  2. President10

    Empty jobs.

    1. There is nothing linked with jobs in my mod. Check if you have some others mods, or try to sleep in game to get jobs again.

  3. kevin eiernudel naldony

    so senseless

  4. Why!?

  5. Don’t work for me. Your mods looks cool but I got no points to edit the parts ! Is this working on 1.32 and 1.31 ? I tested the 2 versions and it don’t work on the two versions. I need help, if I don’t have some help, the file will be in the bin !

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