Hybrid Schwarzmuller Food Tank Trailer Mod v1.1 For ETS2 Single-Multiplayer

✅ Game Support Version: 1.39
✅ Single player And Multiplayer Support

Features ETS2 Multiplayer Mod:
✅ Custom skin For Single Trailer
✅ Metallic skin for Single trailer
✅ Has B-double And HCT chassis
✅ Includes Trailers: Box (Curtain, Refrigerator), Flatbed, Gooseneck(Container), And log(Carrying wood)
✅ Use HCT Chassis In All Cities
✅ Schwarzmuller DLC Support
✅ Cargo Market Support

Version 1.1 Changelog:
✅ Mod Compatibility With Version 1.39Up
✅ Change The Paint Job Option For Single Trailer
✅ Add Colors Blue, Green, Red, Yellow
✅ Add Custom Color And Custom Metallic For Single Trailer

⚙️ Installation:
1) First Go To Single Player And Activate Mod
2) After Selecting Mod , Save The Game And Go To Multiplayer
3) In The Multiplayer Section , Select Load My Last Save

⚠️ Attention:
1) You Need Euro Truck Simulator 2 – Schwarzmüller Trailer Pack DLC To Activate Mod
2) The single Trailer Skin Is In The Schwarzmuller Trailers Section
3) B-Double Trailer And HCT Trailer Are In The Standard Trailers Section
4) For Select Colors, Double-Click On The Color Option




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