Hyundai Santa Fe 2014

this a new model
i converted from game GTA V
HQ model interior and exterior
the original wheels
sound own
top speed 202KH
Note: These car models are not allowed to be ordered
Peugeot, Opel, and Volkswagen




60 thoughts on “Hyundai Santa Fe 2014

  1. Jalapeño boy

    Nice im waiting for Dacia

  2. Can you make a Fiat Doblo 2021?

  3. YAHIA ABID please do Landcruiser 300 series

  4. please make reult clio4 rs 2018 to day please

  5. Renault Laguna mk3

  6. fiat palio or siena pls

  7. ford mondeo 2016 sedan

  8. please make mercedes clk200

  9. kia forte sedan 2010

  10. Muhammad Umais

    Bhai ap
    Prado 2020

  11. alexandru alex

    cupra formentor or seat leon cupra pls

    1. yes please

  12. Renault Master 2008 Ne Zaman Gelir ?
    When will Renault Master 2008 arrive?

  13. Please can you make KIA EV6 or Skoda Enyaq!!!

  14. Can you please make BMW e65. You are the best!

    1. 2008, if its pssible

    2. PLEASE, i can wait. But make it <3

  15. where next mod yahia

    1. yahiaabid

      I still haven’t decided yet

      1. next car Renault Master 2008 please … Thank You

  16. please do the Dodge Charger or an M5 Thanks, bro💪🏾

  17. what the next model

  18. Please do the RAM 1500 V8 PLEASE!!!!!!!!

  19. Yaabid, the mods you have made lately are causing excessive lag problems on the computer. Audi A6 and this mod, can you fix what is affecting the lag in these modes? They are very nice mods, but we cannot play them. It only lags in your latest mods, it does not happen in other modes, it lags even in the lowest graphics, this is very abnormal.

  20. Renault Megan R.S Throphy🚗🔥💨would be a sick car mod and it’s actually my dream car to🥺

  21. yahiaabid

    the next car it model bentley

  22. BMW 530d G31 Touring facelift would be awesome

  23. Why can’t Opel as you haven’t made a mod for Opel

  24. Please Yahia convert toyota camry or lexus ls430 from city car driving that would be perfect

  25. yahia abid bro bmw ix ?

  26. make toyota land cruiser 300 series and prado 2020 from GTA V

  27. next car audi rs3

  28. jamesolas

    Can you make a mercedes e class w213? There are lot of 3D models in city car driving..
    Thank you.

  29. Assalamu alaikum ls430 pls?

    1. yahiaabid

      this car from game city car driving i start to convert but take time mabye one month

      1. When will Yahia Renault Master 2008 Mod arrive? I am waiting with curiosity… Thank you

        1. yahiaabid

          I told you bro one month

  30. scsoftware

    Te rog sa faci la acest mod optiunea de a regla volanul,in rest e totul super

  31. Please land cruiser prado 2020
    mazda 6 2006
    chevrolet tahoe 2023
    toyota 4runner 2020

    1. yahiaabid

      toyota i created prado 2024 it enough of this model

  32. pls volvo v70 2007

  33. Maksi Zagreb

    Legend, can You please make Renault Trafic 2018 passenger version. u made Master cargo van great so it would be great to make Trafic for passengers. Thanks in advance

  34. bmw i8 plssssssss

  35. HayalPerisi

    Yahia Abid Land Rover Defender, can you please make this vehicle?

  36. YAHIA ABID Land Rover Defender, we want to see this vehicle in the game, can you please make this vehicle? I only have one mod request.

  37. yahia abid land rover defender 2021 pls please make the lights realistic and so on, this vehicle is my favorite please I want to see it in the game by you make this mod please

  38. Yahia Abid Land Rover Defender I am looking forward to you building this vehicle. I respect your effort, the mod you made is of high quality, please, I hope you can make the vehicle I mentioned LAND ROVER DEFENDER 2021 PLEASE

  39. yahia abid (SUV) Land Rover Defender 2021 can you make this vehicle?

  40. yahia next car please be land rover defender 2021 please

  41. Hello to everyone

    Can you make this suv vehicle yahia abid land rover defender 2021 gta v vegta san adreasta available please adjust it ets y2

  42. ErcanALMANİA

    land rover 2021, can you please make this vehicle? The mods you make are really high quality, I have to congratulate you.

  43. bright future

    YAHIA ABID hello, Please make an SUV, Land Rover Defende 2021 please, I want this, it’s a very nice mountain and off-road car, I like 4x4s, I like cars like this, please, can you make this vehicle, it’s really a good vehicle.

  44. Dear Yahia Abid, I am sorry, I have written many of my comments as if I were giving you an order. You have so many mods and quality content. I respect you. Please do not ignore me. Take it into consideration. From now on, I will be careful with my words. Do not doubt that I admire the mods you have made and I absolutely admire your effort and quality. Please forgive me. I may want many vehicles just because I’m a car lover, but I’m sorry, I understand you, but I’m not a bad person, please don’t see me like this. I convey this message to you with my most heartfelt feelings. I admire every work you do and I enjoy using your vehicle mods, you may be good or bad. I think you are very good in my opinion. I think it’s always like this. YAHİA ABİD let’s forget the past and open a new page. Because I wanted so many cars, I confused you and I’m angry at myself for that. But everyone makes a mistake in this life, they can fix it themselves. Please don’t misunderstand me either.

    1. bu ben değilim kim uydurdu böyle bir yorumu benim ismimi yazıpta böyle bir yorum yapmış AHAHA cidden komik bunun YANINDAKİ ARAÇ SÜRÜCÜLERİNE EŞİTLİK denen hainin yaptığını düşünüyorum benim ismimi kullanıp gelmiş yorum yapmış dostum sen orospu çocuğusun ailende öyle. Amına kodumun topu seni

  45. land rover 2021 please yahia?

  46. land rover defender 2021 please YAHIA ABID

  47. opel astra g pleas

  48. Land Rover defender 2021 PLEASE !!!!

    1. You are absolutely beautiful, you are an autistic donkey, I can imagine that ahahahaha I will make fun of you, there will be no rest for you from now on ahahaha

  49. Pleaaaaseeee Chery Tiggo 7 pro

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