Hyundai UXN CBU 2.0 BY ALICE

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Presenting the Hyundai Universe Express Noble V-2.0 BY ALICE. You all guys requested a lot for sharing this one. Today I am going to share this mod. In this update you will find many changes. There are now 127 Skins with all sticker belongs to them. You do not need to select any sticker particularly. If you select any paint, the sticker will selected automatically. Real Headlight, Engine & Transmission are now added. Suspension is fully same as original bus mod. 5 colors interior lights added. Hyundai original sound is added on it. Wiper problem is now fixed. There are also 2 interior and 5 steering (Hyundai,Hino,Leyland & Man). Speedometer are now look realistic. There are also many changes, you will see it on video.

If you do not see the full video, you wont active it properly. So please make sure to see the full video to active this bus mod. Download link is given below.

Dealer: Daf
Supported Version: 1.35, 1.36 & 1.37 [ All Tested ].
Skin Credit goes to Dipu, Afoan, Faysal & Me. Many many thanks goes to them.

Note : [This edition of this mod is edited “Solmon Alice” YouTube Channel. Do not re-upload it. If anyone want to share mod, please make sure to share my this video link. If any youtuber share any review, he have to share my video link. Cordial request to you not to share direct link.]

Rindray & ALICE


4 thoughts on “Hyundai UXN CBU 2.0 BY ALICE

  1. jojihoon99

    My version is 1.37, but crashed in game. I dont know reason.

  2. Game crashes when I try to drive it

  3. Julius Tan

    its crashing

  4. How do I change the handlebars to the left

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