İbiza Car


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Gallery: Volvo
4×2 chassis
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There is no shortage of versions

Batu Han


8 thoughts on “İbiza Car

  1. Low Quality!

  2. ets2modtester

    cant download, the link seems broken

  3. jspence73

    Theres a crash when you go to the RS version of this car but can you fix that in the next update please?

  4. Different exhaust, proper plates and no text on the rear window please.

  5. You should be ashamed of yourself on the horrible and cheap tuning you have done to a proper car.

  6. Adrian G.

    Test video if possible, please.

  7. Demir Eriş

    Helal lan sana

  8. Demir Eriş

    Bide balıkesirlisin lan bende balıkesirliyim <3

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