Ice Queen 3.0

Hi everybody! Here is an update.

This skin is for.
SCS MAN 2020 all cabin.
SCS and Eugene’s Scania S Normal and High Cabin.

Turning Mods
Gloover’s MAN TG3 2020 Commander Front Mask.
Belka647’s BC-Man TGX 2020.
Harsha Customs ETS2 Tuning Parts For MAN 2020 GX Cab.
TumbEd’s EKO Truck Parts both Scania’s & MAN.
DadanYangDulu’s Sideskirt Sidepipe For Scania NG.
Nimir-Raj’s Truck Accessory Pack.
TheNuvolari’s Old-School fueltanks.
JStruckstyling BKC Accessory Pack.
Venus Scania NG Parts.
SeanHoyle Mods Scania NG Lightbox + Pack.
Nimir-Raj’s Truck Accessory Pack.
M.Z’s ShockerXL Trainhorn.
HishamGT5’s Scania NG LED Strip Angel Eyes.
HishamGT5’s Scania NG Front Bumper Fog Lamps.
HishamGT5’s Strands HI-LO Reverse Brake LEDs Scania NG RearBumper.
Customs Scania NG S/R Lightbox.
xXCARL1992Xx’s New Scania R/S Badge.
Kast’s Rigid Chassis Addon for Eugene’s Scania NG.

Trailer Mods
Kast’s Ekeri Trailers Revision.
Kast’s Ekeri Tandem trailers Addon.



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