ICRF Map Reworked

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Project Name : ICRF Map

Description: This map contains 3 cities of indonesia connected by 1:1 narow roads with full of beautiful road side view

Map is compatible for version 1.31

Map author: Adie (Indonesia) , Map editor: Imtiaz (Bangladesh)


5 thoughts on “ICRF Map Reworked

  1. Awwww Just 3 Cities? :(. Will Be Nice If Worked On v1.32

  2. Awesome map! This is the first time I experienced realistic narrow roads! I enjoyed playing on your map.

  3. morris12345

    A nice map goes to the game ver.1.32.3

  4. neranjana

    Nice Map
    Work with 1.32

  5. link is broken, please fix it, thanks

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