IDEALE 770 Bus



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Find it at DAF dealer. Beuk Touringcars skin included.

Tested on 1.12 version.


Luciano Blecha, Andreis Days and nportegies


11 Responses to IDEALE 770 Bus

  1. Riyaz Shaikh says:

    looking grea8 but Video ?

  2. BahamutX says:

    does this go pass the toll gate?as most of the buses i have tryed does not get pass the toll gate.

  3. Riyaz Shaikh says:

    Yes i’m agree with BahamutX this bus can pass tollgate ?

  4. nportegies says:

    Bus enthusiasts, with this mod you have no more problems with the Scania Torpedo or with a bus at Toll gates.

    Tested: 1.12.1


  5. Lincold01 says:

    Problems with tolls. -_-! 🙁
    Like other mods bus. u.u

  6. Eagle73 says:

    careful what bus goes to all except the final toll before Turin

  7. stevenharrison880 says:

    update this to 1.16 and fix the physics (shakes a bit when turning) and it will be fantastic

  8. yosnel says:

    gracias exelente

  9. yosnel says:

    gracias exelente trabajo con el buss

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