Igrek AI mod (1.16)


Modification changes us more realistic AI traffic is greater, often overtake of AI is more aggressive. New sound,realistic. AI drive a new more realistic with real speeds as eg in Poland, in fact, run on narrow roads 140km/h. It also adds a slower AI making each other overtake of passenger cars, trucks as well. Overtake on continuous lines. Sorry for poor English. Compatible with: Promods, Rusmap, RO map addon. Have fun 🙂

Tested on version 1.16

Luigi, Igrek Trans mods

Igrek Trans mods, Luigi


6 thoughts on “Igrek AI mod (1.16)

  1. AI trafic is crazy enough in vanilla game, but you made it more crazy and annoying… This is dumb IMO.

  2. Good mod. Realistic and works well.
    Today people are very crazy driving.

  3. hahaha
    i went with 160 km/h and the cars goes over 160 lol

  4. Great mod, I really like it, the only problem what is a little bit annoying is that on the highway, the cars after what they change on the fast lane, they never go back to their previous lane, they remain on the fast lane, and there are a lot of cars going after each other on the fast lane, and the other lane is completely empty. Beside that, everything is great!

  5. bella mod come la prima che hai creato peccato che la mappa zoom (m) non viene visualizzata tutta e molto limitante.se rimedi la reinstallo,aspetto con ansia.

  6. thx, very great mod ! Realistic and works well.

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