Igrek AI mod


Modification changes us more realistic AI traffic is greater, often overtake of AI is more aggressive. New sound,realistic.AI drive a new more realistic with real speeds as eg in Poland, in fact, run on narrow roads 140km/h. It also adds a slower AI making each other overtake of passenger cars, trucks as well.Overtake on continuous lines.Sorry for poor English. Compatible with: Promods, Rusmap, RO map addon. Have fun 🙂

Tested on version 1.14

Luigi, Igrek Trans mods


9 thoughts on “Igrek AI mod

  1. Is this make loading time longer?

  2. All MODS make loading time longer

  3. Александр

    видео в студию,пожалуйста

  4. So, with this mod, the traffic is more aggressive? I’d like an extreme AI, much aggressive.
    Are you Italian?

  5. windows26rus

    А на версию 1.15.1 можно такое сделать? А то вылетает!

  6. This mod increases the traffic ? It works 1.15.1 ?

    Video please

  7. compatible with tsm 5.3 and rusia map ? thanks

  8. Big Chris

    are we going to see a update for 1.15.x

  9. luigi can you make the traffic double overlaps??

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