Ikarus 250-59 Nikola Edit with passanger economy.

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I present to you the new mod of the legendary Hungarian bus Ikarus 250-59 with the integrated passenger economy. Passenger economy replaces all cargo in the game for passengers of three classes: comfort, business and first class. When using this mod there is no need to search and select the passenger mode. Mod developed for himself, but decided to share it with the permission of the author. The very mod of the bus was altered. New physics, corrected sound, engine and gearbox are replaced, new add-ons are added to the interior, some textures and mats are adjusted.

Bus Ikarus 250-59:
– standalone bus, find in Iveco dealer;
– 1 4×2 chassis;
– 1 MAN L6 D0826 LUH 13 engine with factory setting;
– 1 ZF 4HP500 with Voith D863.2 gearbox with factory setting;
– 1 original luxury interior;
– Original skins and metallic paintable;
– DLC Cabin Accessories & DLC Flag ready;
– New more realistic physics;
– Improved sound;
– Integrated passanger economy(To seat the passengers back in
the activation symbol before the window of the trailer hitch
– Many new reworked interior add-ons, GPS Garmin and LCD TV
by Jeyrey-16, knoxx_xss and SISL;

Special great thanks to the authors of the add-ons used in
the mod!!!

Attention!!! Mod has its own physics and own passanger economy, so all the physics and passanger mods should be disconnected and removed from the mod manager in order to avoid conflicts!
Mod was tested in ProMods, RusMap, Great Steppe and Southern Region maps. When testing, the mod HN Immersive Symbols. Clear log!
Mod was tested on game version – and must work in 1.28.x version.

Please, do not repload this mod! All rights KanSky reserved and respect my work! I live in a war zone of Donbass and modding gives a small income. Please keep original link if you post it somewhere.

Thank you for understanding! Good game!

Reworking: Nikola(Konstantin-Donbass) Author: KanSky




13 thoughts on “Ikarus 250-59 Nikola Edit with passanger economy.

  1. TruckSimMods

    Test Video Reviev: youtu.be/xjBDft5faFg

  2. jorgent97

    Hd test…

  3. Piotrek_PL

    Chto eto a winter mod ?

  4. PlagueDoc

    Very excellent mod! I’m hungarian myself and I enjoy driving this bus. Very good work with the passenger add-on, which makes easier gameplay. One little thing. The indicator sound is not quite matches with the real sound. I have sit about thousand times on this type of bus, but I never experienced an indicator sound like this (of course I can make mistakes, there is a chance for that sound in real life) If you can make it better, then it will become the best bus mod of all! Again, very great work, big respect for you!!!

    1. Nikola(Konstantin-Donbass)


  5. Racz Bela

    Hello im a Hungarian, and im love this Mod. But please make the old jellow Hungarian Numberplates for it.

    1. Nikola(Konstantin-Donbass)

      In Photoshop, you can replace the number for any of your discretion …

  6. Tomasz_Mr

    “…and must work in 1.28.x version.” 0% true…

    1. Nikola(Konstantin-Donbass)

      Guys, in the description of the mode it is clearly stated that the mod was created and tested on the version of the game I did not update my version of the game to 1.28 and did not test the mod on a new patch, as I explicitly mentioned in the description. As a rule, the modes with 1.27 work at 1.28. Try it…

  7. 250.59 never had MAN D0836 engine and automatic gearbox!

  8. SuomiTrucker

    Hello! How i replace ukrainian plates? Please help me!

  9. test vidio 1.28 i like play https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ElawOSsXt6A

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