Ikarus 250-59 v20.22 1.44

– Standalone
– 1 chassis
– engine
– original interior
– Original skins and painting
– Supports DLC Cabin Accessories and DLC Flag
– New realistic physics
– Improved sound
– A lot of interior improvements. Added: GPS Garmin and LCD TV (by Jeyrey-16, knoxx_xss and SISL)

– adaptation for 1.44;
– a full -fledged on -board computer;
– paint work were transferred to your slot;
– Backs for headlights cast a shade of light depending on the selected color scheme of glasses;
– the new system of signs “Temeted” with support for the Russian font (Ikarus_font_rus is no longer required);
– Adaptation of sound under 1.44.

Karen Chakhalyan KanSky, update mercuriat


4 thoughts on “Ikarus 250-59 v20.22 1.44

  1. Is this stolen? That’s not the authors link.. also you didn’t even write his name..

  2. This mod has a problem with the transmission, it is very difficult (almost impossible) to use reverse, and the bus never stops, even engaging “N” it moves.

    Another problem is that traffic always hits the back

  3. димам

    как скачать эту игру я не где не могу найти везде для этой игры только моды а где скачать саму игру

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