Ikarus 250 Apollo Beta ETS2 1.32 – 1.33

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= Find in Iveco Dealer
= Own Wheels
= A little Tuning
= Accessories in the Cab
= Skins
= Plates on the windshield (Moscow, St.Petersburg)
= Template

– Model: Karen Chakhalyan, KanSky
– Animation, conversion: Gosh Motor
– Physics, Sounds: Zheka Lunev
– Improvements: Vitaly Krasilnikov, Vyacheslav Aleksandrovich, Sergey Vinogradov
– Missing Materials, Cabin Light, correction and modification to the latest version: losevo58
– Registration in the Salon: serega22
– Plate “St. Petersburg” on the windshield: serega22
– Aeroflot Skin: serega22


4 thoughts on “Ikarus 250 Apollo Beta ETS2 1.32 – 1.33

  1. Stolen mod!

    1. From where?

  2. Bogdan Gaming18Hd


  3. Bogdan Gaming18Hd

    Video Test !!
    Ikarus 192 Hp – Drive Test

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