Ikarus 250 Apollo

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Plant – Ikarus
the manufacturer – MAZ
Edition – 1971-2003
Curb weight – 11T
Gross weight – 16t
Max. speed – 120km/h
Length – 12000mm
Width – 2500mm
The height of the roof – 3200mm
Base – 6330мм
Clearance – 350mm

RABA-MAN D2156HM6(U\UT) or
RABA D10(UTS\UTSLL\UTLL) (155\160\180\190\206), RABA D11
Fuel type – diesel
Number of cylinders – 6
The location of the cylinder horizontally across the body
Power – 192-280-310 HP
Torque – 697-1000N·m
Volume – 10.350см3
The Showroom Iveco
Model transmission – ZF S6 90U\ZF S6 1200BO\Csepel ASH75.1
Transmission type – Mechanical
Number of gear 5 or 6

Model – Karen Chakhalyan KanSky
Animation conversion – Motor
Physics Of Sounds – Zheka Lunev
Improvements – Vitaly Krasilnikov, Vyacheslav, Sergey Vinogradov
All rights reserved
© 24.11.2016 [email protected]





20 thoughts on “Ikarus 250 Apollo

  1. Someone tell me if there is anything kaky operating modes for patch 1.26 with passengers?

  2. HD Test 1.26 youtube.com/watch?v=boyb6pk0jkM&feature=youtu.be

  3. Great bus mod, thanks Kansky

  4. Mr.GermanTruck

    Test Video…

  5. Oh finally one Hay Ahparik 🙂 Shnorakalutyun modi hamar, lav gordz a, shat lav… (Thanks for the mod 🙂 )

    1. KanSkyphotographer

      khndrem harazat jan ))

  6. вот есть пока такой мод на пассажиров , подсказка, если автобус не цепляет груз, то нажимаем F7 вызвать эвакуатор, вас заберут на ближайшую мастерскую и вы будете стоять с грузом, расходы окупете по завершении доставки удачи

  7. I Love this mod! Good sounds 80% realistic! And model is a great!
    Thank you from Hungary!
    The archive are locked! Why?
    ‘The archive is either in unknown format or damaged’

    Please uplad opened archive!
    I would like to edit skins and other external design such as window flag, because it is not in Hungarian!
    Please man upload opened format!
    (Sorry bad English I am Hungarianj)

    1. zárt divat kifejezetten nem kell megváltoztatni

      1. But I would like to Hungarian decorations do please

  8. #### YOU ARMENİA


  9. Hi Guys! Experienced another truck mods not working properly? Jumping up and down his other truck mod
    (Sorry Bad English)

  10. But it is jumping the basic truck! :/
    Physical mod it goes straight to the front of the bus in the ground when braking..:/

  11. Like Simulator

    Икарус так себе сырой еще https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kQgBhprm32k

    1. Like Simulator

      да вот еще не аварийка не сигнал не работают

  12. Rácz Béla

    Toller Mod. Ich habe nur zwei fehler entdeckt die ziemlich stören: der Bus federt zu stark, und man kommt durch keine Mautstelle durch

  13. Please update for version 1.27.

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