ÎLE-DE-FRANCE MAP by Georges93


Update 0.1 :
[+] Cities of Rosny-sous-Bois, Charenton-le-Pont, Saint-Mandé, Vincennes, Bagnolet and the 12 and 20th districts of Paris.
[+] SNCF, Bercy 2, La Poste, Carrefour, Eiffage, SFCP, Westfield Rosny 2, Marché Grand Frais, Castorama and the Rosny-sous-Bois pedagogic farm companies.
[+] A3, A4, A86, A103 and A186 highways.


-> There are places on the map where there are holes or where we see the bottom of the map.
-> Somes errors can be found in the console.
-> The map may be laggy on some computers.
-> Some areas are not yet finished.
-> Some speeds limits doesn’t work.
-> Some cities are not discovering at some areas.


[+] Fixing all actual bugs.
[+] More translations.
[+] Highways signs rework.
[+] Cities of Villemomble, Bagnolet, Les Lilas, Vincennes, Montreuil, Romainville, Bobigny, Drancy, Aubervilliers, Bondy and Noisy-le-Sec.
[+] Add custom trailers matching with companies.
[+] Consistent deliveries with the production of the companies.
[+] More companies.



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4 thoughts on “ÎLE-DE-FRANCE MAP by Georges93

  1. hello pas compatible promod ??

    1. spartacus33

      Hi…no compatible Promods, cause is Standalone Map (select in Mod Manager on button Map). For Promods and Vanilla Map SCS, the map ParisRebuild exist…

  2. spartacus33

    Merci beaucoup Georges pour cette standalone map… j’espère qu’avec le temps tu continueras à la développer…
    Je pense qu’elle est à l’échelle 1:1 (1.1 Scale)
    Video de Bogdac sur YouTube
    ETS2 1.44 ÎLE-DE-FRANCE MAP by Georges93 This is a standalone map

  3. pas compatible

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