Impactus Graphics (Graphics Improvements Reais)


Impactus Graphics (Graphics Improvements Reais)
Work ok:1.15

Leandro Silva,team GameOver


13 thoughts on “Impactus Graphics (Graphics Improvements Reais)

  1. “best graphic mod”
    according to who? -.-

  2. Men, i recomend to you. Please, stop taking and smoking drugs, this is affecting your brain.

  3. hemp hauler

    Black roads and yellow lines,


    1. Black stuff called road is TARMAC

    2. I agree, Hemp.
      Yellow lines: double way roads
      White lines: one way roads

  4. video review,sorry if bad graphic,i`m not use sweetfx

  5. Leandro Silva

    I want to thank you dae fóra, talk like For’m a Brazilian love with games .. especially euro truck simulator 2 do this work not only thinking of me but for everyone who enjoys the game … hugs to all and thank you !! long live the IMPACTU’S Graphics 🙂

    Equipe Game Over

    The Revolutions inGame

  6. K-whopper

    nice job thanks for releasing to the public looks great i think…

  7. Leandro Silva

    Thank you !!

  8. EdnightPT

    This is awesome and yes is the greatest mod i ever had

  9. works on 1.14???

  10. Aleksandr

    Thank you very much, cool fashion, SUPER !!!

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