Improved Air Suspension


– Works on all chassis 4×2
– Press “u” to move up or down
– Work perfectly without bugs or lag
– Work with all trucks (SCS)
– Mod isn’t too realistic , but you can make a very beautiful photo , or to park it in a park ( like in real )

Author: RobertDRN


5 Responses to Improved Air Suspension

  1. christophe says:

    la class merci bien

  2. Copperhead says:

    does it work only on scs trucks or on modded trucks too?

  3. swiftrans says:

    absolute crap damn thing doesnt work at all the only difference i see it that the front axel of the truck in the menu is lifted thats it

    • Madpower says:

      perhaps yours is already lowered…if you have now more up then was…for me is a shame that can not work with RJL and others. As it is my request to author, that nake it work on others popular mods. Thank you

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