Improved Economy

this mod makes you gain more experience, and also lose less money

here a full list of changes

perfect delivery incresed to 35
adr xp bonus incresed to 30
important job xp bonus incresed to 29
urgent job xp bonus incresed to 50
fragile cargo xp bonus incresed to 34
long distance job xp bonus incresed to 30
Trailer parking xp bonus incresed to 80
cargo damage xp loss decresed to 4
Fines and penalties
abandoned job fine decresed to 9000
cargo damage cost decresed to 125
small garage price decresed to 120000
garage upgrade price decresed to 7000
fuel discount in garage incresed to 25
-hired drivers
no return job probability decresed to 5
skilled job probability incresed to 90
no cargo probability decresed to 4
free roam experience incresed to 1xp/km
refound for selling truck incresed to 70
trucks for online buy decresed to 3

You are allowed to reupload to another site ONLY if you use the
ORIGINAL link from sharemods

Created by Juan_ETS2



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