Improved graphics real v4.0


The Gamer Staff Over Graphics is pleased to bring you the real
graphical improvements v4.0. Every environment improves and adds
textures in HD leaving her perfect graphics and also making it easier
for those with weak PC’s with a large increase in the number of FPS.

Leandro Silva


13 Responses to Improved graphics real v4.0

  1. Endre says:

    is this gonna work with TSM 4.5.9?

  2. Labukhda says:

    work on TSM 4.5.9?

  3. fereero.xd says:

    i have Multimode 5.5 is it working with ??

  4. wegger says:

    Great mod!

  5. Truckah says:

    Does it work with physics mod ????

  6. PallMall says:

    you´re so right

    97,9 % ####

  7. trucker says:

    i have mario map 5.5, it will work?

  8. UKDemon says:

    noticed the UK road lines are now yellow and the signs have changed language there a fix for this

  9. KMNO2496 says:

    Great mod!!AmazingXD!!!

  10. superwerke says:

    Hi Leandro, I appreciate this work. However the change of the background in the game console (the ‘paused game view’) isn’t necessary. In fact it is bad: we don’t have the shadows’ lorries anymore. Keep the older graphic and put the mark of the team in a discret place. It could be better, don’t you agree? Nice job. Greetings from São Paulo, Brazil.

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