Improved graphics v5


It is with great pleasure that the team behind Game Over Graphics for you Improvements V5.0!

What will be new in V 5.0:
– Sky and Clouds redesigned;
– New asphalt texture,
– Image filtered in HD;
– Improved HDR and more things;
– Compatible with the new 1.9.x version;
– Compatibility tested working largely of the most played maps.

Tested and Approved
Version: 1.9.x (Test Another Version)
Game: Euro Truck 2

Mod Edit: Leandro Silva
Images and Art: Marcelo Moreira
Plan excited Background: Maik Lopes
Team Game Over Charts

DOWNLOAD 581 MB uploadfile
DOWNLOAD 581 MB sharemods

15 thoughts on “Improved graphics v5

  1. No video, no nothing? (I see the same old pics)

    Is it just a hope filled download? 😀

    1. Thank you.

  2. Is this better than Brutal Environment? Like to know before I try it lol

    1. I think Vanilla version looks far better than both.

      1. What’s Vanilla version? Dont know that…

        1. vanilla is game without mods

  3. I just came to congratulate myself.
    next time you make password protected, so do not be to unpack.
    It was quite sad to see a lot of a lot of their work.

    keep up the good work.

  4. ?

  5. Thanks!

  6. Leandro Silva

    I would agradcer everyone that follows me in the graphical enhancements Real Saga unreleased textures ever seen in any doubt ets 2 look me

  7. Leandro Silva

    Chciałbym agradecer wszystkim, że za mną w ulepszenia graficzne Realu Saga niepublikowane tekstur kiedykolwiek widziałem w jakimkolwiek ETS 2 wyglądają mnie wątpliwości

  8. Hi guys, It’s a very nice mod, but i’ve got a problem with the road textures,they appear as default . I’m using the map from Promods , could that be a problem? In past i’ve played ETS2 with Brutal Environment mod from Stewen , and I had the same problem.
    P.S.:I recently reinstalled Ets2 without mods and with a new profile , I’m using this mod and Promods map, nothing else. Please help me if You can 🙂 !

  9. angels0814

    Thanks for sharing this really helped me play better and i love what you did to the road and the wheels,.

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