Improved skyboxes and weather (updated)


– Sky has now realistic color and gradient (dawn/midday/sunset/night)
– HDR and Bloom tweaked to more realistic values
– a lot more different cloud variants at all times
– Realistic full moon
– 3 different types of bad weather
1) Thick clouds but no rain and no thunders
2) Same as above plus medium rain and without thunders
3) Storm with heavy rain and thunders
– added lamp mask to street lamps and directional glow
– street lamps now generate more common orange/yellow color instead of pure white. Led lamps emit cold white.

New in this Update:
-Changed: flares’ shape and size
-Changed: lighting at gas stations
-Changed: reduced bloom



7 thoughts on “Improved skyboxes and weather (updated)


    wow very nice 😀

  2. zbyszek300

    Weather approx. But light tragedy, I’m looking at the same weather mod to 1,13,3

  3. Steve_the_trucker

    Very nice mod, thank you. I like the yellow street lights and the misty mornings, very realistic. 🙂

  4. Hi just for your info when your in a truck and its rainning you look LEFT at the window i lose about 30 fps, everywhere else is fine and have 60 fps…can you look in to that? (btw even tested with a new profile so theres something about this mod..)

    1. nvm edited the rain settings in def files and lag is gone

  5. oh and for the love of god please update the moon texture it looks horrible..

  6. to play v1.13~ need fix game_data.sii to can do achievement steam: cargo_groups[]

    any game_data.sii must be updated

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