Improved Traffic Density [1.35] [upd 19.09.19]

This mod not only increases traffic density, but also changes its behavior to create a more loaded and more fluid experience.
* There will be a safety distance between the cars
The actions of cars will become like the truth
* increased speed of police cars
* increase and decrease speed of SCS traffic cars for more realistic game
Mod was tested on ETS2 1.35.x.x, but it should work on older game versions too.



8 thoughts on “Improved Traffic Density [1.35] [upd 19.09.19]

  1. Wilsson ?? I have the Original !!

    1. thanks! 😉

  2. Crash and closed game..

  3. just crash

  4. again? this guy don’t want to give up, really?

    here is the original mod:

    1. loooool

  5. ow. outdated and crashed mod

  6. Ma va con tutte le mod?

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