Improved Truck Physics v 2.2.1

1.Corrected to more real life values such parameters as: max. brake temperature, brakes heating/cooling rates and cabin/wheel masses;
2.More realistic fifth wheel: added fifth wheel roll angle;
3.Changed brake efficiency: less overall effectiveness and less effectiveness at low speed (but higher upper margin of “low speed”). Increased max. brakes temperature, increased warm up/cool down rates;
4.Decreased retarder effectiveness;
5.Increased chassis front and, in some cases, rear suspension travel values for vanilla trucks and trucks from “supported trucks” list;
6.Decreased truck responsitiveness. More feel of a truck mass – less acceleration, harder to brake with and without load, more air and rotational wheel resistance;
7.Increased clutch strength for more realistic clutch-transmission behavior;
8.Decreased tire friction parameters and increased wheel slip factors – brake path now is longer and at some conditions (muddy, wet road etc) you can loose control on truck or experience wheel slip;
9.Reworked cabin and chassis suspension behavior – during various truck maneuvers truck front less static now;
10.Reworked driver behavior – during truck maneuvers, he`s more prone to move frontbackwardside to side (but not that much, like in previous mod version);
11.Increased flywheel resistance – RPM drops faster, when not in gear;
12.Decreased engine compression – truck loses speed more quicker, when no throttle is given;
13.Increased transmission resistance – more losses in transmission;
14.Improved Cabin Accessories DLC physics for toys and curtains;
15.Added wear factor not only for engine, transmission and wheels, but also for cabin and chassis;
16.Changed damage coefficients: less truck to trailer damage, but overall damage-per-hit was increased;
17.Added custom chassis files for trucks and trailer chassis from BDF Tandem Truck Pack mod by FlemmingV and various Tandem truck packs by Capital logistics, for better tandem and tandem truck physics behavior;
18.Added custom chasis files for all vanilla and Jazzycat trailers (Trailer and cargo packs) for better behavior of trailers;
19.Added 3 new windshield wiper modes for all trucks (4 modes for some trucks);
20.And other changes…
Supported trucks (IMPORTANT!):
Mod support all trucks, but full support (which means tweaked chassis files) available for these trucks:
All 13 trucks from vanilla game version;
DAF XF E6/Volvo FH16 `09/Volvo FH16 `12 by Ohaha;
MB1639/Scania 143M/Ural 43202/FSC Star 200 by Ekualizer;
Volvo FH16 Classic Heavy Duty Addon by BlackBloodRum;
Renault T by Polatlı Mods Team;
MB Actros `14 by DavidZoli;
MB Arocs by WTD;
MB Actros MP3 by MrCapital;
Volvo FH16 `12/FH16 `09 by Pendragon;
Volvo FH16 `12 by Eugene;
Scania R/S/T, R/S/T 4-series and SISU by RJL;
Scania P/G by GT-Mike;
Scania 1 series and Iveco Strator by Shoofer group;
Volvo VNL670 by Aradeth;
Volvo VNL780 by Franck_Br;
KAMAZ 5490 by Alexander Sentyakov;
MB Antos by DANZ;
KAMAZ 5460 by Koral;
MAZ 6422 by JAWA;
MAZ 5440 by IL86.
Other trucks not from the list above can be adapted manually (see section “truck mod adaptation”)

Installation instructions:
1. Extract all files from downloaded rar-archive to some temp folder;
2. Copy BASE.scs to MOD folder;
3. Based on your requirements, copy required truck/tandem/trailer mod files to MOD folder;
4.Open in-game mod manager and enable all copied mods (refer to “correct mod installation” chapter for proper physics mod installation);

Tested on ETS2 1.26.6. Do not reupload!

All my mods are free to download and will be distributed this way in the future too. Hovewer, If you appreciate what i`m doing and want to support my work, you can transfer any amount of money, using PayPal on this email: [email protected]
All donations are voluntarily! Every donation counts! Thank you!

-24.02.17 Version 2.2.1
-Fixed incorrect cog_height_offset values;
-Removed unneccessary animations.sui and animations_uk.sui files for Renault Magnum by Knox_xss.

AlexeyP, SCS Software


7 thoughts on “Improved Truck Physics v 2.2.1

  1. Thx AlexyP, I go try this update. I used the older versie with much fun of realism.

  2. The “Pendragon_Volvo_FH_2009_v17.0r.scs” stops the interior animations from working such as the steering wheel and parking brake.

  3. The scania rjl wheel its not in place…

  4. Max Romeo

    One of the most realistic physics mod I have encountered. Thanks you Alexey P. I am a truck driver by profession and I really appreciate the level of realism achieved by your mod. Keep it up.

  5. Max Romeo

    One of the most realistic physics mod I have encountered. Thanks you Alexey P. I am a truck driver by profession and I really appreciate the level of realism achieved by your mod. Keep it up.

  6. Max Romeo

    Alexey P,
    Kindly update the physics mod to be compatible with 1.27.x I encountered a serious issue whereby I disabled all my mods and only enabled the physics mod and liftable trailer axle was not present. Also when lifting the truck axle, the load sits on the fifth wheel so much that driving becomes a problem and the lifted axle on the truck is lifted but still touches the tarmac. Kindly reciprocate it on your end and you will understand me better. This is one of the best physics mod and having to deactivate it in order to play 1.27.x is not what we want. I will appreciate once the issue has been resolved.

  7. Max Romeo

    Alexey P,
    After testing with 6×2 taglift and 6×2 midlift, I can see that SCS has tried to match real life weight distribution. With a taglift the raised axle tends to raise but it touches the ground when driving since the weight is being distributed to the fifth wheel. For a midlift all is well since the rear axle takes the weight. What I have noticed is that your mod interferes with diff lock and trailer axle lifting. When mod is enabled, diff lock animation and icon does not function and trailer axle lifting is disabled, kindly look into it and update your mod. I really want to use it with 1.27x as soon as possible

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