Improved Weather Reload 2.0 HD


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Fully reworked weather using high-resolution textures . 30 kinds of
weather during the day, 18 species of dawn, sunset 15 species , 14
species of pm , 3 kinds of rain . Several kinds of nights , set the
frequency of morning fog , heavy fog rare . HDR set for night glow
light sources , no excess of bloom . Orange lighting lanterns fixed
Flare traffic shadows from the clouds . Not recommended for use with
other weather mods ! Test version Maud becomes perfectly on
earlier versions of the game. Only need to remove parameters :
cloud_shadow of files def / nice_weather.sii, bad_weather.sii.



17 thoughts on “Improved Weather Reload 2.0 HD

  1. Blackopen, how to remove this improved headlights (big lightning ##### – even if you are close to that car)?

    1. Does it work with Brutal Environment?

  2. Does this mod slow down your game?

  3. which map works

  4. MidniteTrain

    The earlier mod did crash my computer when I tried to get back the aitrafic lights mod with the Improved Weather mod because I didn’t like this guys ai lighting. So now I will try this one.

  5. MidniteTrain

    630 MBs is almost guarantied to slow your computer if you have a lot of other mods. Wow! That’s a big file.

  6. will it work with brutal environment 7.1?

  7. remingtonh

    Overall a winner. A bit too much \bloom\ in the lighting during very dark nights. Can that be toned down?

    I streamed it on twitch, you can see what I’m talking about here within a minute or two of my twitch stream.

  8. remingtonh

    The problem with the bloom was with black interior + GPS for Renault.

    This mod is absolutely fantastic. Thank you !!

  9. This mod is absolutely fantastic. Perfect work with v.1.9.24. GO A HEAD, BlackOpen!!

    1. blackopen

      thank you

  10. Doesn’t work with TSM map.

    1. What´s your problem? Does it crash?

    1. blackopen

      it is not compatible mods

  11. After a long search I have found the mod that was in conflict
    thanks good job! 😉

  12. Unfortunately Black, your mod isn’t work properly with metallic paints. And many, many people from complain about too vivid (collorfull) colors. In real life there colours aren’t as living as yours. And also some say that some colors (black, chrome) are matt. So they want (me too) your great mod, but only with weather! No changes in colors, etc.
    Thank you very much.

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