Improved Weather Reload 2.0 r3 + fix map + Update r3.5


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Small update corrects a common scale, as well as small changes overnight.
– Day changed “cold” colors to “warm”, and also increased the brightness a bit.
– At sunset and sunrise colors, too, have become more “warm”, a sort of contrast between the “warm” day and “cold” in the evening, at night, in the morning. As well as improve the brightness of the reflection from the asphalt. Sometimes some surface, such as a passing car can be extensively covered because of a certain angle to the surface of the sun, but at the test it was rare.
– Night lightened during the full moon, but not much, at least now see the outlines of objects. Cloudy night remained the same dark.
– Fix 1 corrects the reflection color of asphalt present day. (if you are on, you can disable / remove)

IMPORTANT:Connect with Improved Weather Reload 2.0 R3 version

Fix displaying maps for v 1.12
Fully displayed Russia, Scandinavia, Africa.



16 thoughts on “Improved Weather Reload 2.0 r3 + fix map + Update r3.5

  1. Does it work with an autumn mod?

  2. Female Trucker

    Just tried this mod with the displaying of maps, turned off my TSM Zoom mod and unfortunatley I could not see Africa etc and also tried it with the Russian Mod and again !! it didn’t work, I had to turn my TSM Zoom map mod back on to see all of the maps, both TSM and Russia.

  3. My workaround for the map problem, using TSM was to remove all the ‘z”s from the filenames, and have the weather mod load higher up the load order, and i can scroll the maps, and see Africa etc

    1. Female Trucker

      It’s ok, I deleted this mod now.

    2. blackopen

      Release unfinished. so many problems.
      Posted without checking.

      Fix displaying maps for v 1.12
      Fully displayed Russia, Scandinavia, Africa.
      If you have a Lite version, you can not put a fix.

  4. TruckerEstonia


    1. “IMPORTANT:Connect with Improved Weather Reload 2.0 R3 version”

      Why not read the description?

  5. sorry to report that, for me, this does not work. immediately after editing profile to include this file, upon trying to go to next screen, the game fails, back to windows. would love to be able to use this mod.

  6. Doesn’t work. 🙁

  7. solaris36

    [unit] File ‘/def/bad_weather.sii’:
    00:05:40.754 : [unit] The unit ‘bad.sun.01’ of type ‘sun_profile’ has dangling pointer (to ‘hdr.night’) in the attribute named ‘hdr_parameters’.
    00:05:40.754 : [unit] File ‘/def/bad_weather.sii’:
    00:05:40.754 : [unit] The pointer to ‘hdr.night’ looks like dangling pointer.
    00:05:40.754 : load_filtered_unit_array() – Failed to load units from file (/def/bad_weather.sii)
    00:05:40.754 : /def/bad_weather.sii read failed !

    1. blackopen

      incompatibility with other HDR mods

  8. Same here

  9. Вы делаете меня счастливым, Blackopen!! :))

  10. Gorkal1ty

    Anyone who makes this compatible? I really think it was a great mod before, I hope BlackOpen makes an update soon.

  11. blackopen

    yep. r4 soon

  12. Gorkal1ty

    Thanks BlackOpen, hope you wont have prob. with the new 1.14 coming up, at least I get it to work with 1.13, it was just a problem with AlterEgos Lights.

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