Improved Weather Reload r5.5.5

Improved-Weather-Reload-r-5.5.5-1 Improved-Weather-Reload-r-5.5.5-2 Improved-Weather-Reload-r-5.5.5-3

– Added winter climate for the map of the Russian open spaces (Russian Open Spaces Map)
– Due to climate reduced the duration of the weather conditions during the day. Now changes every two hours.
– Tweaked HDR, added a light bloom.
– Some fixes in the light.
– Experimental fixed fake reflections, reduced their visibility.

The climate will be working on the next version of the map of the Russian expanses released by the author.
Tested 1.16.2

Author: SGate (BlackOpen)


13 Responses to Improved Weather Reload r5.5.5

  1. crovv says:

    i use this IWR since a week and all i want to say is AMAZING…really really the best weather mod out there…but i have 3 questions about it…

    1. when in the game rain is coming down the road is still dry and not wet….i played before with the Real Enviroment pack from the TSM Modder an there was it really good…in the rain the road is wet…the only weather mod that iam now using (and in Future) is your IWR…do iam anything wrong???ist this a Bug???

    2. i see at a new IWR 5.5.5 Mod but there is an 5MB big scs data called:zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzIWR_Standart_HD_r5_5_5.scs…..
    how do i install this????

    3. what is this 4 an mod an what exactly does this thing??

    zzzzzzzzzzzzzIWR Effect Rain Muz r5.5

  2. benq1992 says:

    можно ссылку на карту

  3. benq1992 says:

    ссылку на карту

  4. Nimeni.Altu says:

    hey… this mod is only for RUSSIA MAP???? WITH WINTER??
    or what??? ….. i dont understand, can we use this mod without RUSSIA MAP MOD??? …i mean, i have TSM MAP + RUSSIA MAP ….. BUT NO WINTER!!!!

  5. jwint says:

    the sky is red on promods map plz fix

  6. tito says:

    The line of GPS navigation is blue…Does anyone have this problem?

  7. AndreiGaurean says:

    It seems like the mod does not work for me.The whole sky is red as hell.Could someone help me?

  8. Dan says:

    this mod is just tweaks you need base mod first which is 600mb

  9. ProTrucker says:

    Red sky to me with rus map

  10. Khul Gilad says:

    I Love ur Mod realy and i wish i could use it with “Europe & Africa Mario Map v 10.2” but the Game Crash every time. 🙁
    Is there a Chance to make them run together? Did anybody know?

    hope for Reply…

    PS: Your work with this mod is outstanding, best Weather Mod for ETS2!!!

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