Improved Weather Reload R6


You can see folder “Preview” if you need a screenshots of this mod!

Improved Weather Reload r6 :

– ProMods Adaptation
– 62 high-resolution sky textures
– 13 types of weather during the day
– 12 types of dawn
– 13 types of sunset
– 14 types of evening
– Several types of night
– Fog in the morning
– Adjust HDR for night illumination of light sources;
– No Bloom
– Shadows of clouds.

Tested on v1.25.2.5s and v1.24.2.3s and work well!!!

Don’t reupload on other file sharing sites!!!

Don’t use other weather mods,because game will crash!!!

Please off color correction and HDR,
because ingame “light” doesn’t work well with this functions.

It’s not my mod, i only make adaptation for new versions of the game!

Credits: SGate, Supric
Adaptation for new versions:Rightsid3

Credits: SGate, Supric


12 Responses to Improved Weather Reload R6

  1. Francesco says:

    thanks !! 😉 very beatiful mod

    • Christian says:

      Why with this mod when i go to italy the game always crush? In north europe works perfect.

  2. J.F.Later says:

    the night a bit longer and its a top mod.

    • Pfc.Leyden says:

      I absolutely agree!

      Probably the best mod I’ve used so far..I’ve tried several one’s and that’s always the biggest problem: nights are eighter too bright or too short.

  3. Beth says:

    Works With Promods?

    • JoachimK says:

      Yoiu can read in the Description:

      =– ProMods Adaptation=

  4. Beth says:

    Lol I Didn’t Even See That Hehehe

  5. -RKI- says:

    Great mod. Good job with update for new version! TY. 🙂

  6. Bender0187 says:

    Quality of shadow is very bad, pity…

  7. Adrian G. says:

    Any chance of adapting this for the latest 1.27 patch of the game ?

    That’s what would’ve been great using, next to Grimes’ mods.

    Please include the latest game patch adaption. Thank you.

  8. Andrcoll1 says:

    For 1.27 please

  9. aditya says:

    Please update in 1.30

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