Improved Weather Reload r6 Update


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Update for version 1.20

There is just one issue – incorrect sun placement on skyboxes

-Not recommended for use with other modes weather.
-HDR and Color correction must be enabled.

SGate, Supric, Knox_xss, Hoss, Gricko, Balamut


5 thoughts on “Improved Weather Reload r6 Update

  1. What is the correct placement of the mod?

    1. CajunMan0001

      Like Luis asked, what is the correct placement of each .scs file and do I need all of them or just some? No readme file.

      I tried putting all but the one for Iveco in at the top of the mod list and it loads the game, but my map for ProMods, Poland Rebuilding and Rusmap won’t let me scroll far enough right to see all of RusMap.

      If I put the files at the bottom of the list so they load before ProMods, Poland Rebuilding and Rusmap, then the game crashes just as the loading screen is almost done. I’ve tried different orders, I’v tried both files that have same name with the only difference being HDR on one, tried removing the HDR one, tried putting it back and removing the one without HDR and no matter what, if I have it loading before ProMods and the other two maps, crash to desktop, it won’t if I load it at the top so it’s the last to load, but the map gets messed up if I do that.

      1. go to game_data.sii of rus map and see the changes and add it to the iwr game_data.sii

  2. algun mod para hacer la noche mas oscura ?

  3. Drive Safely

    Thank you guys for the update and splitting up the mods even further to help with compatibility for other mods. Really enjoying the features of this mod. I know it’s a closed project now but it’s certainly a job well done.

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