Improved Weather v 1.3


– Added several types of sunrise and sunset, they are now five
– Added several types of clear weather, now there are eight
– When dark clouds adding light haze
– Matched haze for clear weather
– Redone morning and evening, more gentle transition
– Reworked the morning mist
– Corrected total colors
– Redone sun
– Redesigned headlights, far shines brighter
– Redone the sun’s rays

Author: BlackOpen


34 Responses to Improved Weather v 1.3

  1. Bas H says:

    Very good mod! Beautiful sightseeing. +1

  2. Edwin says:

    ëó÷øàåò ðàññâåò è äîáàâëÿåò çàêàò. 5 âàðèàíòîâ.
    -Íàñòðîåíà ãàììà äëÿ âcåé ïîãîäû.
    -×åòûðå âèäà íî÷è, ïîëíîëóíèå, ìîëîäîé ìåñÿö è ÿñíî è îáëà÷íî.
    -Òðè âèäà äîæäÿ: ñèëüíûé(äåôîëòíûé), ñðåäíèé è ïàñìóðíî.
    how am i supposd to read this, its in the read me! how do i instal this.. just overwrite the other one?

  3. TheFalseShepherd says:

    Is this compatible with other graphics mods? Such as Brutal Environment?

  4. Nenad says:

    Will this mod affect somehow on brutal environment 2.1 or not?

  5. Metaltom68 says:

    better the Brutal environment 2.1 deaktiv 😉

  6. Theosz says:

    I like very much this mod. pretty cool!

    thx BlackOpen

  7. juneau says:

    been waiting for the updates, thx for this

  8. Errick_Dannyel says:

    NOT WORK WiTH TSM-MAP! worst MOD! better play the old mod version! It look nice but I PLAY TSM-MAP!

    • juneau says:

      yup i also use TSM 4.5.6. and i cant drag down the world map and the freight market

      • Brian Earl Spilner says:

        Try deleting “game_data.sii” from def folder of this weather mod.

        • juneau says:

          thx it works just like before now. but instead of deleting it, i rename it to something else. thx again man.

  9. Denis says:

    Uh Can anyone tell me what language the read me file is in so I can translate it to English. I enjoy learning other languages biut this read me file make no sense.:(

    • speeddude960 says:

      google “translate”
      click the first one- google translate.
      copy all text in read me file (ctrl+A)
      paste copied text into google translate(ctrl+Z)
      if it doesnt auto translate, hit the translate button

  10. Errick_Dannyel says:

    i delete the “game_data” and now crash the game! I’VE TRYED THIS!

    • Brian Earl Spilner says:

      Gee, sorry for trying to help.

    • Brian Earl Spilner says:

      Anyway, my suggestion was not for you, but for Juneau’s map problem.

      I just tested it out, deleting game_data.sii from this mod fixes the map problem (if using TSM) and removing it does not cause the mod to crash (provided it is working for you in the first place, OBVIOUSLY!).

      • Errick_Dannyel says:


        • Brian Earl Spilner says:

          Make sure you don’t have any mods with hdr.sii (it will be in the DEF folder) in them.

          If you do, delete hdr.sii from the mod or remove that particular mod.

          I had a headlight mod which contained it’s own hdr.sii which caused this weather mod to crash. But after taking it out, this mod works fine on TSM map.

          Any mod with “bloom” or “HDR” in the title is likely to have hdr.sii as is any other graphic type mods.

          Or post up the ERRORS at the bottom of your game.log.txt [from your Euro Truck Simulator 2 documents folder (where your mod folder is)].

  11. Bruno M says:

    thanks for the mod! it really works, nice view of the sun, rain, etc…But as i saw in some comments, in the TSM Map can’t drag down the map, in the previous version i had the same problem, but the mod had individual parts, and i’ve just unmarked the “rain …1.2” and it fits perfectly, but this time the mod has one single scs file, i can’t do it, if you please could make in separated file it would be great. thank you for the real amazing work. keep it thta way.

  12. Errick_Dannyel says:

    i put “skybox” in “MY WEATHER MOD” now its look AWESOME! i dont care if you “BLOCK” the mod, i use only what i can modified and for this my game never crash, i have some great mods “modifeds by me” but if better to enjoy only me! 😛 😛 😛 , THANKS ANYWAY for the mod!

    • Brian Earl Spilner says:

      So, you complain it doesn’t work, then when someone tells you how to fix it you choose not to?

      I’ma stop wasting my time helping here.

      • Errick_Dannyel says:

        SORRY, its not like that, you make an excelent mod but most of all we use TSM map, I LOVE YOUR MOD!

  13. Blackopen says:

    File to combine IW mod with maps TSM

  14. sebaio says:

    Work With JPM_TSM_4_5

  15. efthimis says:

    please help me.. i read that you say but i can;t change it.. i opening mod of wrather with notepad and i make no sense…it says..?? please tell me how

  16. sebaio says:

    At home,the nice weather don’t never happens.One week went and I’m always waiting for the sun.Is it possible?
    The weather don’t never changes? I play with The TSM-Map 4.5.6 mod.Thank you for confirming that it works well.

  17. skwad says:


    You should decrease the rain intensity in half in game’s settings.

    have a fun to translate. 😀

  18. NitroUK says:

    Just driven thru the most beautiful sunset i’ve ever seen ingame (latest TSM map) through the Alps in Italy.. simply the best ! congratulations

  19. Joey says:

    Too bad that, like every other weather mode out there, it starts to get dark earlier but the AI doesn’t light up their headlights accordingly so…happy accidents to you all!

  20. wegger says:

    Awesome mod!

  21. NvidiaPro says:

    Great mod! Works perfectly with Promods 1.52 with only one issue I have to confess. In the world map, I cant scroll up to Glasgow and other cites high on the map. This issue is so bad that with Promods, I cant select a job from Turku, Finland. Could you also make the AI headlight range longer? Also improvements on FPS need to be done. With this mod, I got a 5 FPS drop which it isn’t much but its always great to improve on your mods.

    • Update... says:

      Update it to 1.6.2 or what their new version is called.

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