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Improved Weather


– Improves sunrise and sunset adds
– Removes the black clouds on the horizon
– Configured for gamma vcey except cloudy weather
– Two kinds of the night, converted stars, the moon in the new moon fixed
– Three types of rain: strong (default), Medium, and cloudy
– Three kinds of good weather during the day: clear, cloudy, dark clouds
– Reduced the bloom effect in the afternoon

Author: BlackOpen


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26 Responses to Improved Weather

  1. Freddy Jimmink says:

    Great mod and really improves the game,

    My compliments to the author


  2. Kenneth Mühlbrandt author valby says:

    great mod it just works nice me love it

  3. jumbo15 says:

    thank u so much ,,,,

  4. pirosfeherzsold says:

    lookin good !

  5. Scaniadriver says:

    Like what i see that dont needs to be testet.great job man thank you

  6. Mephic says:

    Amazing mod. Tested it for 1 hour – must say I’m impressed with what You did. Kudos!

  7. JA says:

    Working on what game versions?

  8. TruckerGuy135 says:

    Awesome mod!! Just by looking at it I can say its one of the best mods for ETS2

  9. io says:

    Great! Considering it’s only 8mb, this is amazing work!

  10. szetland1971 says:

    very nice

    00:00:35.378 : Sun data for 22 hour is overwritten by nice.sun.07 !
    00:00:35.378 : Sun data for 23 hour is overwritten by nice.sun.07 !

    sun_profile : nice.sun.01 {
    start_hour: 23
    end_hour: 4

    why – overwrites

    sun_profile : nice.sun.07 {
    start_hour: 22
    end_hour: 23

  11. szetland1971 says:

    00:00:35.378 : Sun data for 22 hour is overwritten by nice.sun.07 !
    00:00:35.378 : Sun data for 23 hour is overwritten by nice.sun.07 !

  12. szetland1971 says:

    00:00:35.378 : ERROR Sun data for 22 hour is overwritten by nice.sun.07 !
    00:00:35.378 : ERROR Sun data for 23 hour is overwritten by nice.sun.07 !

  13. Tim says:

    Great to see more attention to the sky/weather. I think the default isn’t very realistic, especially with *every* rainfall having thunder and lightning. Would love to see the author keep improving this mod.

  14. Genooyd says:

    There is overlap in clocktimes in nice.sun.01 regarding 23 hours and in nice.sun.06 regarding 22 hours. Thus the overwrite error.

    Yes, I respect the fact that the author locked his work, but when I get an error like that I get…curious. Many Apologies! The error aside I’m *very* satisfied with the affects he/she created.

  15. dannyel says:

    Very Good Mod! I love it, but one thing i hate, THE PASSWORD! I dont understand why you people make this awesome work WITH PASSWORD! IT’s look very real with this Mod!

  16. Mikeedude says:

    Really good mod, have used it for a few hours and am impressed so far.
    We need intermittent wipers now for the light rain 🙂

  17. Gorkal1ty says:

    GAMEPLAY video in which I use this mod, amazing work!

  18. Uxot says:

    Why lock this mod? i want a earlier night at 9pm and sun at 5 am not 4 am..still very good mod enjoy it much adds much more realism

  19. TFM says:

    Unlock “locked” mods with this unpacker.


  20. Uxot says:

    BTW is anyone else getting that too ?


    Its really annoying i dont use any other weather/sky mods..

  21. Gorkal1ty says:

    Anyone can confirm if this is working on new 1.6 version? I think its not working for me.

  22. Ragdoll Cat Lover says:

    I like this mod the sunsets are beautiful, and on clear sunny days nothing but blue skies without a cloud in the sky. Awesome Mod! 😎

  23. gigi kent says:

    the mod author is an #####. I give you two reasons:
    1. You don’t lock the archive moron, maybe some people don’t like ALL the feature you thought we like
    2. Upload to a clean site not to a garbage one who tries to put all the miseries on my pc just to bring a file

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