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Improvements for the Freightliner FLD 120


Hi all,

Yesterday, a new Freightliner came out.
I like it very much, but, there’s some things who are missing.

So, today, i decided to make some improvements.
Here’s the list of them :
-Added my cummins engine sound.

-Added two engines (600 and 760hp cummins)

-Added a 18 gears box.

-speedometer and tachometer on the dashboard are in good place now.
(before they did not coincide with the dashboard).
i made them accurate now.
Also fixed the camera’s inside view. I had a conflict (sitted too
high) that happens when you have many other american trucks mods
activated at the same time.

-Renamed the truck’s name without any misspelling. (Freightliner FLD

Note that the truck isn’t from me.
Like every time, it’s an all in one, truck + sound together, and ready
to use. Can be bought in a Volvo shop.





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27 Responses to Improvements for the Freightliner FLD 120

  1. kriechbaum says:

    There’s still some improvements to do, such as the wheel under the truck when you are looking the truck in the show room. Also, may be add a little bite more lighting options, and may be try to find better interior textures.

    That would make this truck perfect.

    Even with those little faults, the truck is fully drivable now, and really nice to play.

    • brooke says:

      the only other thing wrong is the left headlight when in parking light mode or when headlight is on it only lights the outer or maybe it should and like the steering collum under the truck in showroom but everything else is perfect

  2. Jon says:

    mine lagged when I put it in. Will this help if I used your files.

  3. paul hodgson says:

    could do with a bull bar and possible roof bar and some good looking skins for it but as it is it still a great looking truck

    • paul hodgson says:

      finally got to use this truck and so far so good yes it still need some work doing to it like i no i drive from inside the cab but who drives it from under the cab lol
      not got any bull bars or roof bars so can not add extra lights would like to see some nice skins for it all in all a good truck and good sound thanks

  4. Fred_be says:

    Hi Claude, How are u ?

  5. Fred_be says:

    Oups Paul đŸ˜‰

  6. jon says:

    ok. tanks

  7. james says:

    Maybe Freddy J. will be nice enough to add some features and skins. Hey Freddy How About It!

  8. Taco Bob says:

    I like your sound mods a lot kriechbaum but Cummins is not the only brand of engine used in North American trucks.If you could do some sounds of some Detroit Diesels that would be awesome.

    I used to work on military power equipment and most it was powered by Cummins or Detroit Diesels and honestly I always like the Deriots better.Not to say that Cummins are bad I turned wrenches on both plently of times.

    Again though I really like your sounds mods just expand your makes a little bit.

  9. carl says:

    The right mirror is not in the right place…is not see him

  10. carl says:

    where is the navigation in this truck

  11. carl says:

    no brake lights

  12. john says:

    Won’t show in London Volvo Dealer

  13. Nickskitz77 says:

    sounds awesome you should use this sound for all trucks as well as the jake brake

  14. ArchAngel says:


    The truck looks great, but I cannot get it to load! I have tried to get this one and an actual Volvo truck to run (at different times of course) but they do not load! Any advice?

  15. Arclight says:

    Nice but:

    1. Eliminate those two annoying dangling flags on the windshield.

    2. Too much view of the headliner area–needs more windshield field of vision.

  16. broburga says:

    Check this video out with the T500RS ;D Really really nice mod thank you! BTW. It is locate din the BIG volvo dealer at the middle of the map in 1.8.2 and working perfectly thanks.


  17. kriechbaum says:

    Nice video, i am watching it right now ^^

    • Zvonimir says:

      Hey one question:Can u make modern interior for this truck(black,with gps,red dashboard lights and add some lights on steering wheel)?

  18. gilkid says:

    annoying lights!

  19. RubyEagle says:

    This is amazing work. The truck model and details are amazing so credit to original truck creators. The view FOV is perfect. The upgraded Cummins sound is just spectacular thank you so much! The exhaust brake and turbo whistle are just amazing and immerse me so much in the sim. This is the most fun I have had yet in ETS2. Thanks so much for your upgrades to this mod!

  20. Ark says:

    Can’t find this truck at any Volvo dealerhsips. :/

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