Improving the climate + improved HDR [1.30-1.31]

– In the archive, two files that change weather, sky, clouds (Climate), making the picture more realistic, the nights become darker, the starry sky.
– Reduces (Bloom), removes the glow (HDR), the sky turns blue, and not yellow.
– P.S. It will look great with Sweetfx, ReShade.

– Installation: Place in the mod folder, connect to the mod manager (s).

1: Improved_HDR_ ~ Tok ~
2: Improved_Climate_ ~ Tok ~

– Test on the version: 1.30.х-1.31.х
– Author: ~ Tok ~



5 thoughts on “Improving the climate + improved HDR [1.30-1.31]

  1. unrealistic color balance for colorblind person !
    ( all daltonians of this site go to the doctor ! )

    1. Go and heal your head! colors are not touched at all

  2. Very well done and really useful, thank you Tok.

  3. Very good job. But I don’t like large environment sounds. Please make small sound mod.

    1. there are no sounds in fashion

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