Increase and gain FPS


Tested on 1.16.2s but may work on all version

This mod is only for LOW END PC check my specs in readme file!

With this mod you gain some FPS

Please read instruction which is included for more info!!!



27 thoughts on “Increase and gain FPS

  1. where i put this dude to mod folder?

  2. hi good for the low end pc but i don’t realy need it as I get around 600fps to 700fp if I use it,but my question is how do I open the fps monitor on the top left of the screen with the original CFG or how to add it?i just want to monitor my FPS

    1. Steam->View->Settings-> In-Game.
      your welcome

    2. just go to steam-settings-in-game-fps counter take on high contrast for green fps showing or off to have white which is a little less visible

  3. find uset g_fps “0” and change 0 to 1.

  4. I did that but its not showing up is there a button I should press to make show up?

    1. First g_minicon 1 then g_fps 1
      Of course developer mode and console must be enabled

  5. BahamutX u dont need to press any botton. This is a .cfg (configuration file)that brings u a setup of low effects or graphics in game. So this mod is nothing else than a graphics setup. Its nice for low computors yes i can tell u,i play allmost with the same graphic setup here. Gforce 8600gt, 3gb ram, dualcore 2.2… so thats it i think. Tnks for sharing this idea. Absolutely a nice help for many players.

  6. ok,but how do show the FPS on the original CFG without using this mod?he said to change uset g_fps “0” and change 0 to 1 on the original CFG but FPS monitor doesn’t show.

  7. You need to enable these too;

    uset g_minicon “0”
    uset g_console “0”

    change “0” to “1” for both…

    1. Ok thanks for the there a way to hide it or does it stay open all the time?

  8. KingScania

    Daaaamn, thats some wooden pc, right there. Ever considered to buy a new one?

  9. Game crash doesn’t work

  10. good job, but do not turn on headlights at night and didn’t see anything.
    how can I fix ??

  11. Link doesn’t work

  12. Scania143

    Is there any way we can get the lights to work with the mod?

    1. Yes it possible but than you cant gain some fps i try fix in next release lights but i not promise!May i release tomorrow new update

  13. Hey great job works perfectly. But i want to be able to see at night. Can you tell me how to make the lights work, for example tell me what to change in the config. At night its way too dark.

  14. change
    uset r_deferred “0”
    uset r_deferred “1”

    to enable lights again

  15. I figured out the headlight problem and mirror issue
    Change to this
    r_mirror_view_distance \80\
    r_mirror_scale_y \1\
    r_mirror_scale_x \1\
    g_light_span_factor \1\
    g_light_distance_factor \1\

    1. not \1\ or \80\ but “80” and “1”

    2. Phantom Trucker

      cannot find the r_mirror_view_distance

  16. At least you’ve got a gig of graphics. I only have 128mb

  17. Please lights fix?

  18. Dude ! Lights are not working.. how to fix this


  20. Lol but better gameplay is without this one mod

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