Increase FPS ETS2 [1.30/1.31]

This mode increases the FPS ETS2
Working in 1.30.x and 1.31.x
If you see any bugs please let me know
have fun with it.

doglas Trucker


11 thoughts on “Increase FPS ETS2 [1.30/1.31]

  1. Mod from 2013. Manifest changed only

    1. And what of this?

      1. One Word: F A K E from a known Thief…

  2. Thanks bro

  3. TruckerOne

    doglas Trucker = outdated and fake mods

  4. Soooo…how does this mod work? I mean how can mod increse fps’s? I’ve never heard of such thing nor seen any…I know if you lower ur graphics settings or chuck in better gpu can help you achive that o.0

  5. Lilo is Good

    Work hard, get money, buy better graphic card: accurate way to increase fps

    1. as if it were easy

  6. can you leave the abbreviations and correctly express what you want.

  7. papaghostPT

    today its the day now we can play ets 2 with a potato with this mod thanks to doglas Trucker kkkkk lol

  8. Vito Bovino

    Hdr disattivato

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