Increase Schwarzmüller Trailer


With this mod you have up to 70% higher chances to get a trailer / semi-trailers from the Schwarzmüller DLC for your order.
In almost every company you will have the opportunity to take such a trailer.
There were not 100% changed all trailers.
For example, stay tractors on tractor trailers and automobiles on car carriers.
Even the High Cargo Trailer Pack is not changed by this mod and can be used.
Requirement is only the Schwarzmüller DLC

Author: Uni [Actros 1846] (Germany)


5 Responses to Increase Schwarzmüller Trailer

  1. mans2034 says:

    whats the password then?

    • Uni [Actros 1846] (Germany) says:

      It will work without knowing the Password 😉

  2. Uni [Actros 1846] (Germany) says:

    It will work without knowing that password… 😉

    • mans2034 says:

      o, ok just drop the hole rar-file in the folder got it. thx

  3. Ahmad Al Aynaari says:

    Bro, can u please update this for 1.27 , because it doesnt work on the new version?! Thanks! 😉

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