Increase Weight for Special Transport DLC Trailers

You need Special Transport DLC and latest game version
Unique feeling of trailer weight
This mod adds extra weight to Special Transport DLC Trailers
The following changes have been done:
boiler: 45t – 65t
bucket: 25t – 30t
boat: 25t – 35t
silo: 40t – 90t
tires: 20t – 28t
exchanger: 70t – 120t
condenser: 60t – 79t
round box: 45t – 60t
big box: 44t – 87t
stair: 50t – 77t
chassis: 55t – 73t

KiLLeR Modding


One thought on “Increase Weight for Special Transport DLC Trailers

  1. Deine mod Crasht das Game

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