Increased Road Speed Limits – 1.47

The Speed ​​Limit Increase mod gives you a higher speed limit on the road compared to the default game. Currently, most cities have the same road speed limit rules for both cars and trucks, and your truck also has a speed limit of 110-140 km/h on motorways and toll roads, a speed limit of 80-130 km/h on expressways, 80–100 km/h. Speed ​​limit per hour on high-speed local roads and 50 km/h speed limit in urban and urban low-speed areas. However, some areas may have lower and different road speed limits as they are defined directly on the map, which is outside the scope of this mod.

Please note that each country has its own speed limits on the roads. For example, Latvia limits the maximum speed to 90 km/h for all types of its roads, while in Germany the speed limit for local roads is 90 km/h, and for trucks, the speed limit is 140 km/h on expressways and motorways.

added version for patch 1.47 beta

Installation: unpack the downloaded file, copy it to the mod folder, and connect it to the mod manager.

For game version 1.46.x, 1.47 beta



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