Increased the time of delivery of goods [1.32.x]

– The mod is made for those drivers who, along the way of cargo delivery, like to explore the terrain, new cities and lay their route.
– Mod will increase the delivery of goods by about two days.

– P.S. Who wants to change the delivery time, read “Readme” in the archive.

– Installation:
Put in the mod folder. Connect to the mod manager. Put above other mods.

– Test on version 1.32.x

– Author: ~ Tok ~


DOWNLOAD 24 KB [Sharemods]
DOWNLOAD 24 KB [Modsbase]

16 thoughts on “Increased the time of delivery of goods [1.32.x]

  1. can you do it for 1.31?

    1. fonissa can you 1.32 update?

    2. Why going back ? LOL

      1. what are you talking about

      2. papaghostPT

        i already test 1.32 beta but i roll back to 1.31 because of promods 2.3

    3. Should work with 1.30. The file of the economy has not changed. In the manager put on top.

    4. Starting at 1.30: 1.31: 1.32

      1. Not working on 1.31.x 🙁

  2. because 1.32 its not official its beta?

  3. and most of us we have 1.31 still

  4. make the screens bigger pls

  5. Make sure to upload even smaller screenshots next time, ok? 😀
    Anyway, nice mod.

    1. On other sites, screenshots when clicked increase. There is no such function on this site. A question for developers.

  6. Пропишите рубли. Иначе установив мод рубли исчезнут и в настройках. Проверено.

  7. John Constantine

    dont work this mod in 1.31 and 1.32

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