Increased the time of delivery of goods [1.32.x]

– The mod is made for those drivers who, along the way of cargo delivery, like to explore the terrain, new cities and lay their route.
– Mod will increase the delivery of goods by about two days.

– P.S. Who wants to change the delivery time, read “Readme” in the archive.

– Installation:
Put in the mod folder. Connect to the mod manager. Put above other mods.

– Test on version 1.32.x

– Author: ~ Tok ~


DOWNLOAD 24 KB [Sharemods]
DOWNLOAD 24 KB [Modsbase]

14 Responses to Increased the time of delivery of goods [1.32.x]

  1. fonissa says:

    can you do it for 1.31?

  2. fonissa says:

    because 1.32 its not official its beta?

  3. fonissa says:

    and most of us we have 1.31 still

  4. Richard says:

    make the screens bigger pls

  5. Falcon72 says:

    Make sure to upload even smaller screenshots next time, ok? 😀
    Anyway, nice mod.

    • ~Tok~ says:

      On other sites, screenshots when clicked increase. There is no such function on this site. A question for developers.

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