Indian Mercedes Benz Bus

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This mod adds the Indian Mercedes Benz bus

6 variants of engine

left and right hand driving

doors can be opened

TV can be tilted inside the coach

Indian Horns

Enjoy the mod

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18 Responses to Indian Mercedes Benz Bus

  1. sz-1 says:

    Под какую версию игры?

  2. m3 says:

    what the password to open the file…

  3. brantas says:

    works fine with 1.28 and also supports 1.30

  4. sz-1 says:

    Скачал, при распаковки требует пароль!

  5. Luki35 says:

    Czy ten mod to jest na autobus czy podobny do mapy eaa map bus

  6. Luigi says:

    english plz

  7. martin5912017 says:

    Poor mod inside stock sound etc

  8. Fihzan says:

    Claim my friends work! Unrespectfull
    The real author is CSArt (Alif Cahya), Adi Rafudin and Valendeva Khairullatuf (Converter)

  9. abyzou101 says:

    is there a left hand drive too>?

  10. fireflies says:

    poor indian and bangladesh modder,
    FYI : its a mod maxibus by alif cahya (indonesian people) and indian people stole all mod bus from indonesia and he change the name and skin of bus

    you can search that mod in google “maxibus alif cahya”

    indian is poor modder and poor country!

    • afsal says:

      you are right dear. Please dont post your mods on any websites, keep as private. its the only solution. People steels and posts with skins and they dont even put credit.

  11. bakayoko says:

    le mot de passe pour ouvrir le fichier svp

  12. logesh says:

    what is the password for extracting file

  13. afsal says:

    Please keep the credit to the original owner. As an Indian Its shame for us Indians. this is clean cheating. So please keep credit to original mod owner.

  14. BALA says:


  15. legiunnaire says:


  16. Rexson says:

    Best game

  17. Santosh Kumar S says:

    i cant run this bus in ets2 3.1 can anyone help me

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